SBS Inkigayo 01.20.13

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There were many special comeback stages today on Inkigayo!

CNBLUE was possibly the biggest act to make their comeback this week. They performed their songs “Coffee Shop” and “I’m Sorry” from their new mini album. 4Minute‘s new sub unit 2YOON made their debut performances with “Why Not” and  “24/7.”

Moon Hee Jun made his comeback to music after a three and a half year hiatus. Rookie boy group VIXX performed their new single “On and On” as well.

More new music was by SPEED, Phantom, Tiny-G and Baechigi.

Comeback Special
CNBLUE – “Coffee Shop” and “I’m Sorry”
2YOON – “Why Not” and  “24/7”
Moon Hee Jun – “Pioneer” and “I’m Not OK”
VIXX – “On and On”

Hot Music
SNSD – “I Got A Boy”
INFINITE H – “Special Girl”
Baek jiyoung – “Hate You”
Boyfriend – “I Yah”
Sunny Hill – “Goodbye to Romance”
GLAM – “I Like That”
December – “Don’t Go”
C-CLOWN – “Far Away”
Hello Venus – “What Are You Doing Today”

Fresh Music
SPEED – “It’s over (feat.Kang Minkyung)”
Baechigi – “Tears (feat. Yang Jiwon)”
PHANTOM – “Like Cho Yonpil”

Girls’ Generation



Infinite H

Baek Ji Young

Performances on page 2 by Boyfriend, VIXX, Sunny Hill, Phantom, Hello Venus, Moon Hee Jun, Baechigi, SPEED, December, GLAM, C-Clown, Tiny-G