Sunye Talks About Music Career, Plans for Children, Husband, Etc During Press Conference

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On January 26, Wonder Girls‘ Sunye has opened up and spoke about many things during her press conference before tying the knot with her now-husband, James Pak. She shared her feelings about becoming the first idol artist to get married.

Here are the other questions and answers from Sunye’s press conference.

Q: How do you feel about becoming the first idol to get married?

A: I had no intentions of being the first to get married but somehow, it happened (laughs). I’m so thankful. I may be the first idol right now to get married but there are ex-idol seniors who have made families right now. I want to follow their footsteps and make a beautiful family.

Q: Tell us why you wanted to get married at such a young age.

A: Marriage is the start of the rest of my life. I am young but I do have many different experiences in my life. When I was young, I loved performing so I ran toward my dream of becoming an artist. And as more time passed, I grasped the direction of my life. I think the marriage today will be the start of going toward that direction.

Q: Did you make plans for children on your first night of your honeymoon? Who do you want your kids to look like?

A: We have no special plans yet. I think our honeymoon will just be a good time of rest (laughs). We want one son and one daughter. We wish our children to have both of our good features mixed together.

Q: There are rumors of pregnancy.

A: There is no life in my stomach yet. But I think I will in the future.

Q: Has your husband ever been worried about your male fans?

A: Fortunately, the Wonder Girls’ has more female fans than male fans (laughs). Actually, I don’t really get hurt from negative comments online but my husband is pretty sensitive. When I see him getting hurt, I get sad. But I think this is a special experience too. I want to think positively.

Q: What were the other Wonder Girls’ response to your marriage?

A: I received a lot of strength from them because they sincerely congratulated me and supported me. I know there are many people who are sad but I think this is a chance to see the Wonder Girls’ charms individually. I hope people won’t be sad.

Q: Who do you think is the next Wonder Girls’ member to get married?

A: All the girls have big dreams about making a family. I think our maknae Hye Lim will get married next. Hye Lim talks about her dream house and she is very organized just like a good mother.

Q: Tell us about your best friend Jo Kwon emceeing your wedding.

A: When I asked Jo Kwon to emcee the ceremony, he was so worried that he was about to cry. But I knew he would do well as soon as he grabbed the mic so I didn’t worry. I think Jo Kwon will do a good job in making a good atmosphere for the wedding.

Q: What do you think about Park Jin Young singing the wedding song?

A: Actually, I asked Ye Eun and other artists from JYP for the wedding song at first. But at some point, Park Jin Young was joining along the discussion too. I thought it might be awkward since he is the CEO of our company but I am so grateful that he is congratulating us. I received a lot of courage from his words, “Don’t hesitate your marriage because of popularity.” Spending over 10 years at JYP Entertainment was a huge blessing to me.

Q: When will we see you as an artist again?

A: I am not resigning. Even if I don’t appear on TV, I will still sing as long as my voice is alive. It’s hard to say when I will come back as an artist but it won’t be too long.

Q: Since your husband is a missionary, will you work with him as well?

A: Many people think I will be jumping into missionary work because of my husband but even before I met him, I went on many mission trips. That is how I met him in the first place.

Q: You call your husband, “Mr. Husband,” and it seems like your respect for him is very big. Your husband is very good-looking — which part of him do you like the best?

A: He has many aspects that make me respect him. Because he is my other half, that alone makes me respect him. I was touched by his sincerity when looking at other people. I also saw how good he was with kids and I thought he would make a good dad.

Q: What is the reason you will spend your newlywed years in Canada?

A: My in-laws are in Canada and my husband is from Canada as well. So it’s natural we will be going there after we get married.

Q: Are you confident with your cooking?

A: I’m not confident but I like making ddukbokki (spicy rice cakes), spicy chicken and other things. My mother-in-law is good at cooking so I think I will learn a lot from her. I want to try making soy sauce marinated crabs sometime.

Q: What did your husband say when he saw you in a wedding dress for the first time?

A: He didn’t say much. He just said I looked pretty. Designer Lee Myung Soon took special care to my dress. As you can see, the dress is based on a “young bride” look. I don’t even know if I can wear it. (laughs).

Q: Who will receive the bouquet?

A: My English teacher and my old-time friend. If I give it to a celebrity friend, I think they might feel pressured so I chose a non-celebrity.

Q: Your wedding ring is so beautiful.

A: In the past, my in-laws made the same wedding rings as theirs for her son and future daughter-in-law. When I heard this, I teared up. I want to become that kind of mother-in-law to my future daughter-in-law. My in-laws tell me to call them “mom” and “dad,” — that’s how good they are to me.

Q: What would you like to say to the idol stars who will follow your steps in getting married?

A: As you walk down the path of your life, there will be many conditions and different environments. But I hope you won’t change your inner core because of external things. Marriage is yet another decision while walking on the path of your life. I will send my congratulations in advance to those who will get married in the future.