Sunye’s Husband James Pak Did the “Nobody” Dance During Wedding Ceremony

2013-01-30 23:44:03 2013-01-30 23:44:01

James Pak, the husband of Wonder GirlsSunye, has recently showed off his dance skills to the mega hit, “Nobody.”

On January 30, SBS’s “One Night of TV Entertainment” aired a segment that showed a part of Sunye and James Pak’s wedding that was held on January 26.

While 2AM‘s Jo Kwon was emceeing the ceremony, he announced, “Before the couple exits, the groom has a special event,” and he asked James Pak to show everyone the dance.

James Pak proceeded to dance the “Nobody” choreography. The wedding started off with a serious atmosphere but James Pak’s surprise dance warmed things up. Sunye was watching her husband with a happy smile.

Meanwhile, Sunye and her husband traveled to Maldives for their honeymoon. When they return, they will be heading for Canada to start their newlywed life.