Get Ready for “With Jang Kiha Seoul Music Tour”

2013-01-31 10:13:41 2013-01-31 10:13:38

Here is a special event only for you! Let’s go to “SEOUL”!

The city of Seoul which has a diverse range of music, has a special event waiting just for you! Let’s go on a trip to Seoul where there is always music and happiness. We invite not only “K-Pop” fans but, fans of any kind of music to come to Seoul.

Here is what you have to do in order to partake in this very special event:

By February 4, make a parody of Jang Kiha’s “That Kind of Relationship” Music Video. Watch by clicking on the following link. ( If you win the event, you will get a chance to go on a free Seoul trip for 5 days and 6 nights!!!

If you love different types of music, please join the “Song of the Hot Musician in Seoul Event.” The city of Seoul where K-Pop, Indie bands, and IT all exist together is eagerly waiting for you.

–      Entry Qualifications: Anybody who loves music

–      Event Website:

–      Event Deadline: February 4

–      Winner Announcement: February 5

–      Tour Dates: February 14-19

–      Reward: 5 days and 6 nights Seoul Trip (The city with diverse music, good food, and happiness)