[Genie K-POP] Star Interview: Re BLUE, Re CNBlue

2013-02-02 07:10:11 2013-02-12 09:05:49

CNBlue returns with new album [Re:BLUE]!

CNBlue makes a comeback with their new mini album [Re:Blue], which marks ten months since their last Korean album promotion. Everyone knows that Jung Yong Hwa composed the title track “I’m Sorry” along with “Coffee Shop,” “The Guy Like Me,” “La La La,” and “Where You Are” while Lee Jong Hyun composed for “Myself More Than You.” The title track “I’m Sorry” especially brings out a refreshing and powerful sound from CNBlue. Then, shall we hear the members introduce their title track and their album?

Jung Yong Hwa: “The title track ‘I’m Sorry’ is a song with burden. The style is different than what we’ve done before so we were worried whether the fans will like it while we were working on it. I tried to put in a lot of pop in the song.”

Kang Min Hyuk: “I really liked the song so I pondered a lot about how to record it. My regrets are as big as my greed, but it’s a relief that the song is well received.”

Lee Jung Shin: “First of all, it’s a song where we put in a lot of work. It’s a song that gives off a different feeling than our other title tracks. More than anything, I really feel happy that Yong Hwa hyung’s song was picked as the title track.”

Kang Min Hyuk: “The whole [Re:BLUE] album is composed by the members. That’s why we thought of it as a new start. Our comeback date is also our debut date so it also symbolizes a fresh start.”

Listening to the members, it’s easily noticeable that they hold a fond attachment to the album and the songs. It’s probably because the whole album was composed by the members, but the album and their style has become more powerful than their previous works! Do you guys feel the same way? After putting their songs on repeat, I became interested in how they came up with this album’s concept and their thought process during the album preparation. That’s why I decided to ask Jung Yong Hwa…

Jung Yong Hwa: “It’s probably because we composed all the songs in this album, but it seems like our styles are just placed inside the album without any filtering. I think that this album probably best represents CNBlue the best right now.”

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