[Genie K-POP] Star Interview: Boyfriend Returns as Homme Fatale

2013-02-05 09:41:49 2013-02-12 09:07:09

This week’s interview is with Boyfriend, who is actively performing in Korea and Japan. The boys made their comeback with their first repackage album “I Yah,” and the Genie team recently met them for an interview.

“I Yah” is our first regular repackage album, and the title track has an impressive intense guitar reef, and it’s also a song that reveals Boyfriend’s new manly charms!”
“Boyfriend has a strong manly charm, and we’re also very friendly and calm. We think that our strength lies in the fact that we can show these two sides depending on the songs. It’s also what differentiates us from other groups! I especially like the song ‘I Yah’ because it is a song that maximizes our strong image.”

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