“Running Man” Receives Warm Welcome in Macau, Shows Popularity Abroad

2013-02-05 19:19:50 2013-02-05 19:19:47

SBS Sunday variety programRunning Man proves its status as a front runner of Hallyu content. Cast and crew of  the popular program recently held overseas shoots, including a stop in Macau, where fans of the show gathered to welcome “Running Man” at the airport and filming sites around the city.

Local news agencies quoted industry observers on  the comparisons between “Running Man” and another variety program, “Infinity Challenge.” According to these statements, “Running Man” is an at advantage towards  international popularity since the games are easier to understand without the need for facility in the Korean language, unlike “Infinity Challenge” games which are more difficult to solve. “Running Man,” it is is noted, is popular in Europe and across Asia.

As it has shown its audience-drawing power abroad, “Running Man” has filmed special episodes in Thailand, Hong Kong  and at the Great Wall of China.