Korean Cosmetics: An Infographic Overview

2013-02-17 10:48:55 2015-04-29 00:11:39

With Korean music and dramas now achieving worldwide popularity, an interest in Korean-style beauty seems like the inevitable newest trend. After all, how better to achieve the Korean celebrity look than to turn to Korean cosmetics? By now, everyone has tried or at least heard of BB cream, the multitasking miracle-in-a-tube that Korea turned into an international craze. But what have the Korean cosmetic companies done to improve staples such as nail polish, lip balm and lipstick, and eyeliner? For that matter, what are the biggest cosmetic brands, and who are their spokesmodels? Whether it’s Etude House with SHINee and f(x), or Tony Moly with JYJ, K-Pop idols and Korean makeup go hand-in-hand. Check out our very informative and cute infographic, created by the super-talented Selkaine!

That’s our rundown, but you tell us: in your experience, what have been your favorite brands and products? Any hits or misses? (Since I’m a nail polish fan, my personal favorites have been the glitter polishes from Tony Moly and Aritaum, as well as the foil polishes from Missha!) Share with our members and spread the word! And remember, you can buy cosmetics (or make a suggestion as to what we should stock) at Soompi Shop!