MBC Music Core 02.23.13

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This week’s episode of Music Core featured several awesome comeback stages.

SHINee performed title track “Dream Girl” and “Beautiful” for their special comeback stage. Powerful vocalist Kim Tae Woo album made a comeback with “Cosmic Girl” from his new album.

Rookie boy group SPEED made their repackaged album comeback with “Pain.

CNBlue had their goodbye stage with “Man Like Me” & “I’m Sorry,” while Moon Hee Jun performed “PIONEER” for his goodbye stage.

Next week, Teen Top will be making their comeback! Watch their teaser on page 2!

Comeback Stage
SHINee – Beautiful + Dream Girl
Kim Tae Woo – Cosmic Girl

Good-bye Stage
CNBLUE – Man Like Me + I’m Sorry
Moon Hee Jun – PIONEER

HOT Stage
Sistar19 – Gone Not Around Any Longer
Rainbow – Tell Me Tell Me
B.A.P – One Shot
DMTN – Safety Zone

Two X – Ring Ma Bell
ALi – Eraser
NU’EST – Hello

Volume UP Stage
GLAM – I Like That (Remix)
Airplane – So Pretty
MR. MR – Highway

New Song
SPEED – Pain
Iconize – I’m a Kid with Talent
Shin Jae – It Hurts So Bad





Kim Tae Woo

Performances on page 2 by Rainbow, Moon Hee Jun, DMTN, Ali, NU’EST, Two X, MR.MR., SPEED, GLAM, Airplane, Iconize, Shin Jae