[Video] First Music Show Wins Part 1: Girl Groups

2013-03-02 03:38:28 2013-03-13 20:46:06

The weekly music programs (Mnet M!Countdown, KBS Music BankMBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo) have always been one of the most important aspects when promoting a new song. Through these stages, fans in Korea and the rest of the world see if a group or artist has what it takes to become a top star. 

With so many strong groups out there, taking a single win is a big deal to newer groups. If you aren’t familiar with how these  shows go, they announce the winner at the end, selected by a scoring system which varies by program. After that they give an acceptance speech and then a very playful encore stage of the song.

Lets look back the the first wins of top girl groups! Tears will be shed!

Note: M!Countdown and Music Bank currently have a “winner” system. Inkigayo stopped awarding a weekly winner in the middle of 2012.

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