[Recap] Iris Season 2 Episode 4

2013-03-05 07:03:09 2013-03-05 07:07:44

(Posted for Jbarky) Here is episode 4 of Iris Season 2! In the beginning of the episode we are treated to the gunfight between the NSS team and Iris Team.

Here are the abbreviations that I will be using for the recap:

Jung Yoo Gun (Played by Jang Hyuk): Yoo Gun

Ji Sooyeon (Played by Lee Da Hae): Sooyeon

Yoo Joong Won (Played by Lee Bum Soo): Joong Won

Choi Min (Played by Oh Yeon Soo): Min

Seo Hyun Woo (Played by Yoon Doo Joon): Hyun Woo

Yoon Si Hyuk (Played by Lee Jun): Si Hyuk

Baeksan (Played by Kim Young Cheol): Baeksan

Ray (Played by McInnis): Ray