Lee Byung Hun Agreed to Appear on “Healing Camp” Due to Lee Min Jung’s Recommendation

2013-03-12 05:08:26 2013-03-12 05:08:19

During the recent episode of SBS’s “Healing Camp,” which aired on March 11, actor Lee Byung Hun appeared as a special guest. On the show, he revealed, “Lee Min Jung recommended that I should go on ‘Healing Camp.’”

Lee Byung Hun explained, “Lee Min Jung is a big fan of this show. She knows very well what I am like. I can sometimes be very private, and I have difficult time opening myself up to others.”

He continued, “I thought that it was time for me to let people know what kind of person I really am. Because I have led a secretive life for 22 years, people tend to make up rumors about me. Not just about my acting life, but also about me as a person. A lot of the stories about me are exaggerated, and makes me look like a completely different person than I really am.”

Lee Byung Hun also added, “Lee Min Jung said that when she appeared on this show, it helped her a lot. She told me that it will help me as well.”