12 Casual Romantic Places for Dining on White Day!

2013-03-15 02:27:50 2013-03-15 02:27:47

Hello Soompiers! White Day is March 14, and lightningstix wanted to introduce you to some casual romantic places that you can spend with a significant other (or friend T_T) on White Day! The reason I have chosen “Casual” is because, most couples will already have done something sweet on Valentine’s Day. That means, you should spend less, but still go to some place romantic on White Day!

What is “White Day?” you ask? Well, I’m going to steal halves in unison‘s excellent explanation. 

“It is a day where guys give girls white gifts (candies, chocolates or jewelry)  and it’s celebrated in Asian countries like China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan on March 14- although, there are slight variations in each country. In South Korea, it’s mostly celebrated between lovers and some men will have a social obligation of gifting ladies with white gifts if he received a chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Many elementary students gift the whole class with candies while secondary school boys use this day as a great opportunity to confess to their crush.”

(While you are at it, check out her awesome gallery!)

Most restaurants that are considered “Romantic” in South Korea are Italian restaurants, but you will see that this list contains some other type of cuisine as well!

Here’s a list of some of lightningstix’s favorite casual and romantic places! (All of these restaurants are reasonable priced for a romantic date: around $30~40 per person)