Performances from Music Bank in Jakarta, Indonesia

2013-03-19 22:29:36 2013-03-19 22:29:34

KBS recently aired their special concert Music Bank in Jakarta Indonesia. Having taken place on March 9, K-Pop fans were treated to performances by Teen Top, Eru, SISTAR, Infinite, SHINee, BEAST, 2PM, and Super Junior. 

Indonesian boy group S4 also performed at the event and had a special stage with Teen Top.

In addition, there were also special performances of K-Drama OST songs.  SISTAR’s Soyu sang “I Think I” from Full House.” SHINee performed “Stand By Me” from “Boys Over Flowers,” and Infinite’s Woohyun performed “Dreaming” from “Dream High.”


Infinite Intro

Opening with Artists

Teen Top – Talk, “Miss Right”

Eru – “Insomnia,” “Black Glasses”

Hyorin & Eru – “Kemesraan”

SISTAR – Talk, Clip, “Alone,” “Loving You”

Infinite – Talk, “The Chaser,” “Be Mine”


Soyu (SISTAR) – “I Think I”

Woohyun (Infinite) – “Dreaming”

SHINee – “Stand By Me,” “Beautiful,” “Dream Girl” 

Performances on page 2 by BEAST, S4 2PM, and Super Junior + the grand finale.