Actress Anna Kendrick Joins f(x) for Funny or Die

2013-03-28 14:17:30 2014-11-12 13:35:58

The video is out and it is funny!

Popular humor website Funny or Die has released their collaboration video with actress Anna Kendrick and f(x). In the video “America’s Sweetheart” Anna Kendrick is sent to Korea to learn the ways of K-Pop. The problem is, doing the K-Pop is harder than it seems.

Anna Kendrick is great but K-pop fans will love watching f(x). Not only do we see some “Electric Shock” but Krystal and Amber will impress people with their natural English. Sulli and Luna are adorable but Victoria is a scene stealer with her quirky character.

Hopefully this will not be the last K-Pop collaboration with Funny or Die. It was reported that the producers of Funny or Die plan to work with more K-Pop artists. Awesome!