Kim Tae Hee Promises to Sing and Dance If Viewership Rating Results Are Good

2013-04-02 07:15:22 2014-04-18 04:42:47

Kim Tae Hee has made a promise regarding viewership ratings.

On April 1, the press conference for the upcoming SBS drama, “Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love” was held. During the press conference, Kim Tae Hee stated, “Questions about viewership ratings are the hardest to answer. But I really hope the ratings come out well.”

She continued, “I can’t tell you exactly what percent I’d like to see for the viewership rating. I don’t know what kind of promise to make,” and “Anyway, if the results are good, I’ll prepare a song and dance of some sort and show everyone at any place.”

Meanwhile, “Jang Ok Jung, Live For Love,” is a new portrayal of one of Korea’s most infamous historical figures, Jang Hee Bin. The drama will star Kim Tae Hee, Yoo Ah In, Hong Soo Hyun, Sung Dong Il, Jae Hee and Lee Sang Yup and will air its pilot episode on April 8.