The One Shots 15 Favorite Moments of Idols Being Fangirls and Fanboys

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The 3rd Soompi 15th birthday gift post from our friends The One Shots: Writing about K-Pop can be more of a challenge that you think. It’s nearly impossible to get just the right balance of informative yet funny, serious yet irreverent, but The One Shots manage to find this perfect mix time and time again, and be well-written to boot. – soomp


At The One Shots, we crack a lot of jokes about the K-Pop media. We poke fun at the news coming out of K-Pop, we laugh at the weird things idols do, and of course, we fangirl and fanboy over new music. A lot of these things we couldn’t do if it weren’t for how easy Soompi has made it for us to access K-Pop culture.

The inspiration for our blog came one night, as we (2 college students) were hanging out in our dorm browsing the Internet and trying to decide if we wanted to dedicate half of our lives to building a K-Pop site. Then we randomly stumbled upon the story of how Soompi was created. I don’t know if you guys knew this, but before Soompi, there weren’t really any K-Pop hubs for international fans. So in 1998, a young fresh-out-of-college girl took it upon herself to simply translate K-Pop news from Korean to English. And from there, it grew into one of the largest international news sites for K-Pop in the world – and what you now know as Soompi.

So we thought to ourselves, if Soompi can do it from a bedroom at home, while juggling part-time jobs and grad school, we can too! And that’s how we got the motivation to start our own K-Pop website and go from just us two girls to an entire staff of awesome K-Pop writers.

Even though we have our own blog, we’re a bit of Soompi fangirls too. So to celebrate Soompi’s 15th birthday, we’re presenting you with our 15 favorite moments of idols fangirling and fanboying over other idols. Happy birthday Soompi!



Before we get into the major fan spazz action that we all love to watch and partake in, we must not forget that K-Pop isn’t just beautiful people; it’s music too. It’s music that can be appreciated from afar with no emotions involved, and as an artist in the industry, it’s natural to monitor your competition. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your competition’s music though.

1. Chanyeol – B.A.P

While I thoroughly enjoyed Doojoon and Yoseob rocking out to “No Mercy,” Chanyeol makes the list as the resident B.A.P fanboy, simply because of the clip’s ability to get Babyz and EXOtics talking to each other in a non-hostile way.