Couch Kimchi Stalks Soompi For Their 15 Favorite Couples

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Our 4th Soompi 15th birthday gift post: What is Couch Kimchi, you may be wondering to yourself? It’s this lovely K-Drama-focused blog that has been popping up on my radar more and more these days. I became a serious fan of the site when I discovered their “That Winter, The Wind Blows” tag-team recaps, which made me feel like I was watching the show with good friends that were both insightful and hilarious. I hope you enjoy their offering as much as I did! -soomp


Back in 2010, three drama addicts—Leila, Angie and Clockwatcher—got so obsessed with a little television show called Coffee House that they spent every waking hour on its Soompi thread, having Insightful, Awesome, and LOL conversations. Even though the show ended, their addiction didn’t, so, they formed a support group called Couch Kimchi. Along the way, they recruited longtime Soompi-er and fanatic, Tessieroo, and three became four.

Thanks, Soompi, for keeping us obsessed with our favorite couples and dramas and for inviting us to your 15th birthday party! For your special month, we are sharing the 15 couples who have kept us stalking your threads.



15 Favorite Couples

As everyone knows, don’t watch Korean dramas if you don’t like romance. It’s that simple. And you can’t truly enjoy a romantic drama if you don’t root for the couple. So, these are our top 15 couples that made us jump for joy when they kissed and made us cry like loonies when they broke up; the ones that got us writing epistles during their fights and left us speechless at their most intimate moments. Basically, the couples that made our hearts sing.

1. EunSoo (Coffee House). There’d be no Couch Kimchi without EunSoo, so, they have to be at the top of the list.

It was the summer of 2010 and while the rest of the world was debating Ronaldo vs. Rooney, for us, it was Eun Young (Park Si Yeon) versus Seung Yeon (Ham Eun Jung). We spent 8 weeks (plus a World Cup hiatus) on Soompi’s Coffee House thread, debating on when Jin Soo (Kang Ji Hwan) first fell for Eun Young, replaying Jin Soo’s sprint in Episode 9, the phone booth kiss, the train kiss, and cried with joy when he kicked down the door to her wedding hall. While we are 100% against second-hand rings, we couldn’t help but tear up when he took her hand and sealed their 60-year contract with it.


2. Kim Sam Soon & Hyun Jin Heon (My Name Is Kim Sam Soon). Once upon a time, there was a pastry chef who got dumped, went to the men’s bathroom, and met Hyun Bin. Let’s just say we’ve mistakenly wandered into the men’s bathroom a few times since watching this drama. But alas, no Hyun Bin. We’ve also gone to arranged dates at hotels waiting for him. Still no show. Gone to a hotel elevator and hoped to have a chemistry-exploding, tense moment with him. No luck. Waited around to be pulled into a restroom and kissed. Nothing for us. Played a piano, hoping to play next to him, and get kissed. Still waiting. Heck, we even got a huge stuffed animal so that we could leave it at his place. But sadly, the cute piggy is just collecting dust in a closet. Oh well. At least Sam Soon (Kim Sun Ah) got her happy ending.


3. Kang Moo Kyul & Wi Mae Ri (Mary Stayed Out All Night). They were like two, small puppies rolling around on the floor, playing. ADORABLE. They didn’t so much sizzle but brought out the “Awww” in everyone. The drama itself went off into crazy-ville, but many of us tuned in just to see Mae Ri (Moon Geun Young) and Moo Kyul (Jang Geun Suk).

Youthful, relatable and just … cute. This pairing is gold, and one we would love to see join up again for something good.