2AM’s Jo Kwon Had No Income for Two Years

2013-04-12 22:25:22 2013-04-12 22:25:19

On the April 11 episode of “Happy Together,” 2AM member Jo Kwon revealed he had no income until the 2010 release of the group’s hit song, “Even If I Die I Can’t Let You Go.”

Having debuted in 2008 and being a constant presence on many variety shows, this fact about Jo Kwon came as a surprise to many viewers. Jo Kwon explained, “I had to repay the fees from my trainee days.” He added, “Many people think I have a lot of money because I appear in many variety shows. But for three years after our debut, 2AM lived in a single room.”

Jo Kwon continued, “When I thought 2,000,000 KRW (around 1,770 USD) came into my back account after the promotion of “Even If I Die I Can’t Let You Go,” my mom and I cried holding hands. But when I came back to the dorm, I realized it was really 200,000 KRW (around 177 USD). Rather than the money, I was happy that I had finally paid back my debt. With the money I earned for the first time in my life, I paid my own cellphone bill which my parents had been paying for me. After that, the money kept on coming in and I was able to buy my parents a house.”