15 K-Drama Dream Pairings: Secondary Couples That Deserve OTP-Status

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Our 5th Soompi 15th birthday gift post: I can’t remember how I came across the talking cupboard, but it was one of the first blogs that I frequented when I started really getting into K-Dramas a couple years ago. I felt like we had the same taste in beautiful young men (Joo Won, Yoon Shi Yoon, Song Joong Ki) and as a new fan of sageuk (historical dramas), I really loved the fascinating posts about hanboks and fashion accessories in K-Drama. Enjoy! -soomp


Hello! I am muchadoboutlove, a blogger at the talking cupboard. I’ve been an avid drama watcher since I was young, thanks to my father. Korean drama is my latest obsession and the blog was created to become my drama watching diary. Soompi is one of the earliest sites I frequented when I first got my very own internet connection and it’s the first forum site I’ve ever registered with under the name kaeruchan (that is my nickname back in secondary school). It’s not too much to say that I got to learn so many things and meet amazing people through the wonderful site that is Soompi. For their 15th anniversary, I feel so honored and flattered to be given this opportunity to write for Soompi.

Have you ever encountered a couple or pairing in a K-drama or a K-movie that wasn’t the OTP (One True Pairing) or the main couple, but you loved this couple as much, or even more than the main couple? I have a few, or indeed, a handful of these pairings that I really wish to see again, paired together in a drama. Since these actors and actresses, who were once second leads, rose to become the main leads nowadays, it can be hard to see them meet again in dramas, but a fan like me can dream… right? Other times, I feel like I’m not getting enough of the main couples because I just love them so much, and would like to see them paired up again. 

I present to you, My 15 Dream Pairings from K-Dramas and a K-Movie…

  • Jung Il-woo & Moon Chae-won

These two were the second leads for My Fair Lady/Take Care of the Young Lady (2009), starring alongside Yoon Eun-hye and Yoon Sang-hyun. I have to admit that I never thought that their characters Tae-yoon and Ui-joo would end up together. They keep chasing after the main couple but just like the other dramas, the pairing of Kang Hye-na and Seo Dong-chan are destined to be together. So Tae-yoon and Ui-joo are left behind, but they are not wasted, thank God. I love the hint of a new romance between them at the very end of the series, but I’m not easy fan when it comes to satisfying my drama imagination. That’s right, I keep waiting for them to somehow find their ways together again in a drama, but this time as the main leads. Both Jung Il-woo and Moon Chae-won are awesome when it comes to sageuk, so I really want to see them act together in a sageuk one day!


  • Eom Ki-joon & Seo Hyo-rim

Some of you might remember them from Scent of a Woman (2011) as the seconds leads to Lee Dong-wook and Kim Sun-ah. But before that, they were the second leads in Worlds Within/ The World that They Live In (2008). They were super cute there, mostly because Seo Hyo-rim’s character Hae-jin managed to melt the cold exterior of Director Song Kyu-ho (Eom Ki-joon). So I was super excited when they were cast together in Scent of a Woman. I was hoping to see their interaction in that drama, but nothing. Nada. Nothing. But it was quite logical, considering how evil Im Se-kyung was and dorky Poopy Seok didn’t need the torture to keep up with the fox. Dear directors, please pair these two together again! I want to see their chemistry and friendship one more time…


  • Lee Min-ho & Yoon Eun-hye 

Believe it or not, both of them were in a drama together but sadly, it was just a cameo for Yoon Eun-hye back then. She made a short appearance in Personal Taste (2010) as Jeon Jin-ho’s ex-girlfriend/college junior. It was such a short scene but that left me craving for more of this pairing. Is it too much for me to see these two beautiful people together in a project again?!