Bang Ye Dam Knew the Winner of SBS “K-Pop Star 2” a Little Beforehand?

2013-04-20 01:29:37 2014-04-23 20:56:20

Turns out, fellow “K-Pop Star” season 2 competitor Bang Ye Dam knew about Akdong Musicians‘ win before they did.

On April 17, “K-Pop Star” season 2 winners Akdong Musicians gave an interview with SBS‘s “One Night of TV Entertainment” while recording for the OST of drama “All About My Romance.”  

When the siblings were asked, “Did you know you were going to win?” they responded, “To be honest, the possibility that we might win crossed our minds but we never really thought we’d win first place.” Lee Soo Hyun added, “When MC Yoon Do Hyun was about to announce the winner, he took a peek at the results beforehand to build the anticipation of viewers and fans. However, Bang Ye Dam also saw the results and turned to me saying, ‘You won first place! Congratulations!’ I didn’t believe him at first, but when it turned out to be true I was shocked.” 

When Yoon Do Hyun was asked about this he shrugged it off with a laugh saying, “I guess Bang Ye Dam saw the results by accident. I thought I covered up the card pretty well. I had no idea.”