DMTN’s Daniel Acknowledges All Marijuana Charges During First Hearing

2013-04-30 09:56:01 2014-05-08 04:11:04

DMTN‘s Daniel attended his first hearing for the various marijuana charges he received and acknowledged all of them.

Daniel’s first hearing was held on April 30 in Suwon where he acknowledged that he supplied, distributed and even smoked marijuana from 2012 to 2013.

Daniel was first accused with these charges in March with 4 others. According to the police, Daniel acted as the middleman between the dealer and the buyers for over 15 counts. He distributed the drug to the others, including Bianca Mobley, who was not present for the hearing on this day. Bianca is famous for being part of the show, “Chit Chat with Beautiful Ladies.”

Daniel’s indictment caused him to lose his spot as the “Pops In Seoul” MC for Arirang TV. 

Daniel’s next hearing will be held in May.