MBC Music Core 05.04.13

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Cho Yong-pil‘s “Bounce” took the win this week, beating out PSY‘s Gentleman.”

This week’s episode of Music Core had a lot of new music. Comeback performances were by Secret, Hello Venus and Lyn. New unit group T-Ara N4 had their debut stage on the program.

More new music was performed by Roy Kim, Gavy NJ, Hong Dae-kwang and Sunny Days.

Next week will feature B1A4’s comeback! Check out their teaser at the bottom of the page.


♬ Comeback Stage
SECRET – “Only U” & “YOO HOO”
Lyn(feat. VIXX Ravi) – “Breakable Heart”
Hello Venus – “Would you like some tea?”

♬ First Unit Debut
T-ara N4(feat. SPEED Taewoon) – “Jeon Won Diary”

♬ Special Stage
Cho Yong-pil – “Bounce”

♬ HOT Stage
SHINee – “Why So Serious?”
4minute – “What’s your name?”
K.will – “Love Blossom”

♬ Sound-HOLIC
Jay Park – “Joah”
M.I.B – “Nod Along”

♬ New Song
Roy Kim – “BOM BOM BOM”
Hong Dae-kwang – “Far Away”
Gavy NY – “Farewell Cinema”
SUNNY DAYS – “I’m So Crazy”


Cho Yong-pil


T-ara N4




Roy Kim

Hello Venus

Hong Daekwang

Jay Park


Gavy NJ

Sunny Days

B1A4 Teaser