[Recap] Nihao Taiwan – Mnet M! Countdown in Taiwan

2013-05-03 21:49:22 2013-05-17 22:56:47

The next act, Hong Dae Kwang, gave the first nod to Taiwanese Pop culture by singing the famous theme song from “Meteor Garden,” the Taiwanese adaptation of “Boys Over Flowers.” Clips from the drama played in the background as Hong Dae Kwang and the audience sang the Chinese song together, a neat instance of cross-cultural interaction! His second ballad “Far Away” was an impressive vocal performance and the slower pace provided a nice break between energetic acts.

Tasty and Dal Shabet continued with a series of short covers of Taiwanese songs by artists Lollipop and S.H.E. Once again the audience response was fantastic.

Dal Shabet then performed “To Be Or Not To Be” and “Mr.BangBang.” While colorful and pop-y, their performance didn’t really stand out compared to the other acts.

The sound immediately turned from cute to upbeat as Tasty took the stage. In addition to their impressive stage presence and awesome dance skills, their fluency in Chinese made for great audience interaction. They performed their songs “Spectrum” and “You Know Me.” While we weren’t well versed in their music, we definitely enjoyed their performance. By the end, they earned two new Tasty fans from America!

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