[Recap] The Things We Do for Love – We Got Married 05.11.13

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If you missed it, here is last week’s WGM recap: The Hot, the Sweet, and the Confused

On this week’s episode of “We Got MarriedGo Jun Hee invites the energetic ’91 Line to throw Jinwoon a birthday party, Taemin and So Na Eun reminisce about their middle school days, and Jo Jung Chi makes Jung In (and everyone else) cry!

The Things We Do for Love – This is your weekly Soompi WGM recap.

Here Comes the ’91 Line! – Jinwoon and Go Jun Hee Couple

If you don’t like at least one person from the famous ’91 Line then you probably don’t like K-Pop (no judgement). The ’91 Line is a group of idols who were all born in 1991 and are friends with each other. Members include SHINee‘s Key, 2AM‘s Jinwoon, Kara‘s Nicole, and MBLAQ‘s Mir. There are others from other idol groups but they don’t make an appearance in this episode.

The kids of ’91 Line know how to have a good time and Go Jun Hee called the right people to help with her surprise Birthday party for her husband. Even though the actress towers over the idols, she became very chummy with them. She exchanged very obvious flattery with Mir, found a bouncing buddy in Nicole, and Key, oh key. Key, Key, Kibum, Key. He comes in with his ginormous shoes and becomes the marriage-slash-Jinwoon expert. Mommy Key came out for a little bit (“This is a little weird because Taemin is also a WGM couple…”) but then he went right back to being his fabulous self.

Work it, girlfriend.

Next…Taemin and Son Na Eun discover more evidence that the two were destined for each other.