2PM’s Nichkhun Was Harsh On Himself After His Drunk Driving Accident

2013-05-13 04:08:32 2013-05-13 04:08:26

On May 11, 2PM’s special comeback program “2PM Returns” aired on MBC. In the program, Nichkhun showed his remorse regarding his drunk driving last July. “I even thought, ‘I wasn’t a person.’”

He continued, “I was really sorry that a person got hurt. Even though I’m a foreigner, many people acknowledged me and gave me a lot of love. I felt like I betrayed the fans.”

Nichkhun shared, “I could only think, ‘How hurt would the fans be?’ When I saw the [2PM] members for the first time after the accident, I was so sorry I couldn’t say anything. I couldn’t say anything and I just cried my heart out.”

On July 24 at 2:30AM KST, Nichkhun was involved in a car accident in Gangnam. It’s been reported that the singer had been under the influence of alcohol when he crashed into a motorcycle. His BAC measured at 0.056%, and his license has been suspended. Nichkhun had been on his way to his dormitory after having two glasses of beer with his fellow JYP labelmates following a rehearsal.