New Artist Z.Hera Releases Korean and English MV for “Peacock”

2013-05-14 10:56:58 2014-04-15 03:38:42

Eighteen year old rookie singer, Z-Hera, released the Korean and English music videos for her debut track “Peacock” through the official CJ E&M YouTube channel.

If Z.Hera (Korean name: Ji Hae Ra) looked a little familiar it is because in 2006, when she was eleven years old, she was featured on the documentary program “Human Theater” as the “Shaolin Girl.” Z.Hera had trained in the Shaolin martial arts since she was in Elementary school. From a young age Z.Here’s dream was to be a singer and now her dream has come true with her debut mini album “Z.Hera Born.”

“Peacock” is will likely remind K-Pop fans of some of BoA‘s songs from the early 2000s. Z.Hera’s young voice, the choreography, and even the chorus is very reminiscent of the veteran singer in her younger years.

“Peacock” is available in two music videos, the original Korean and the second one with the English music and lyrics. Also, check out the making of her album jacket below.