Zia and Hanbyul’s “With Coffee” MV Released

2013-05-14 06:22:05 2013-05-14 06:21:32

Wow, truly romantic! The singer Zia and LED Apple’s Hanbyul released “With Coffee” on May 14. The song was released on different music websites. This song is a collaboration between Loen Entertainment and STAR Kim Entertainment. The single has a beautiful and romantic melody.

The producers of the duet song are Double Sidekick and Homeboy. The lyrics are very memorable and sweet.

A representative of Star Kim Entertainment stated, “The music video ‘With Coffee’ shows Zia and Han Byul recording their song. The music video gives off a sweet atmosphere that is just like the lyrics. In the music video you will also be treated to a surprise appearance of Double Sidekick. Double Sidekick is shown directing them.”

Check out the music video below!