Gay Director Kim Jo Kwang Soo Announces Wedding Plans

2013-05-15 19:42:49 2014-04-19 01:54:51

Gay director Kim Jo Kwang Soo has recently announced his wedding plans.

On May 15, Kim Jo Kwang Soo held a press conference to announce his marriage plans to his partner Kim Seung Hwan, who is 19 years his junior.

Kim Jo Kwang Soo announced, “We decided to hold the wedding on September 7,” and “The venue has not yet been decided. We are still looking for a place where many people can gather. We will decide on a venue within this month.”

Kim Seung Hwan, who is a film producer and the CEO of Rainbow Factory, also commented, “With my infinite trust and love for Kim Jo Kwang Soo, we have decided get married.”

Kim Jo Kwang Soo has worked in the film industry since 1999. He started off by working in film production for projects such as “Happy End,” “Old Miss Diary,” “There’s No Tomorrow,” and more. He started directing in 2005, usually for movies with the theme of homosexuality. Such films include “Boy Meets Boy,” “Friends?” and “Two Weddings and A Funeral.”

The couple announced that all cash wedding gifts will be used to create an LGBT center. They also revealed that their wedding will not be a conventional ceremony but more like one big festival.

The couple also plans to officially register their marriage after the ceremony. They stated, “We think it will be rejected so if that happens, we plan to file a constitutional appeal.”