[Recap] G-Dragon’s Solo Concert in Taiwan, Part 1

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Another awesome concert recap from Soompiers Shirley & Rachel, two Americans living it up in Taiwan. Aren’t these photos amazing? -soomp


On May 9th and 10th, G-Dragon held his “One of a Kind” concert at Taipei Arena, almost entirely selling out both nights at the 10,000-seat stadium, a feat testament to his ever-present popularity. It was evident that Taiwan loves GD, and his concert did not disappoint in the least. GD is one of our favorite artists. When we found out Taiwan would be one of the stops on his tour, we didn’t hesitate and bought tickets for both nights.

Like many of the other concerts we’ve attended at Taipei Arena, (see our M!Countdown Recap), vendors lined the walkways. For this one, the sheer number of knock-off light sticks, posters, stickers, and a seemingly infinite number of GD picture fans showed how incredibly appealing (and profitable) the 24-year-old is. Amped up for a great show, fans showed their love and support with “Giyongchy” hats, “One of a Kind” tees, and Big Bang flower lights. A few even sported some of GD’s distinctive looks, such as the “Crayon” drummer boy outfit complete with the bleached-blond ‘do, and the “One of a Kind” look with long, yellow braids.

The master of charisma himself opened the show with his most recent single “MichiGo”. He made a dramatic entrance as the curtain dropped to reveal a crystallized-version of the Batmobile. Dressed in fiery red, a color that would set the tone and tempo of entire concert, GD exited the vehicle with flair.

He strutted out with a dragon-tipped cane, a tasteful prop that he utilized throughout the show not only to cement his status as a full-fledged icon, but also to help out at times with his previous ankle injury. We felt that the addition, regardless of the injury, flawlessly complemented his powerful stage presence. 

After effectively revving up the audience, GD upped the energy with his popular hit “Heartbreaker” from his first solo album, sending everyone into throes of familiar ecstasy.

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