Suzy Thanks Fans for Buffet Prepared for “Gu Family Book” Cast And Staff

2013-05-18 16:02:56 2015-08-21 05:26:20

miss A member Suzy recently tweeted a photo to thank fans for their special gift.

On May 17, Suzy tweeted a photo along with the following caption, “I can’t live without Ah Seo, Ki Beob and Soo Hyun!” 

In the photo, Suzy poses next to the buffet food her fans have prepared for the cast and staff of “Gu Family Book.” The banner behind her reads, “We can’t live without Lady Yeo Wool~ To all the staff and actors working with Lady Yeo Wool, please enjoy the food and be healthy! Love, Ah Seo, Ki Beob and Soo Hyun.”

Netizens who saw the tweet commented, “Suzy looks like she’s in a great mood”, “She must feel energized because of the love from her fans”, “Suzy’s adorable~”, “Please enjoy the food and be energized!” and “I, too, can’t live without Lady Yeo Wool.”

In related news, Suzy currently plays the the role of Lady Yeo Wool opposite Lee Seung Ki in MBC drama “Gu Family Book.”