Clara Does a Parody of Her Sexy Ceremonial First Pitch!

2013-05-19 18:20:20 2013-05-19 18:20:14

We reported that Clara threw the ceremonial first pitch for the baseball game between the Doosan Bears and LG Twins on May 3. The ceremonial first pitch caused quite a stir because she wore a short Bears uniform that revealed her abs and skin-tight striped pants.

Well on the SBS comedy show “People Looking for Laughter,” there was a skit that parodied Clara’s sexy ceremonial first pitch. Clara, showed up as a guest to help out with the skit!

Clara tweeted on May 19, “I went to watch ‘People Looking for Laughter’ as an audience member, awesome.” She added, “After doing a parody of the ceremonial pitch, I remember when I did the actual one. I feel so sad that Doosan is losing these days. I should probably go cheer them on again.”