[Recap] G-Dragon’s Solo Concert in Taiwan, Part 2

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In case you missed it, check out Part 1 of our coverage of G-Dragon in Taiwan!

One of the most visually striking performances of the concert was “Today.” It was a number filled with confetti, impressive stage props, great dancing, and an awesome light show. 

Outfitted in white, GD had a DJ table set up on an elevated part of the extended stage. The table was encircled by a series of gold studs, complementing the three giant studs on the main stage. The entire setup fit nicely with the entire YOLO sentiment of the song.

As GD performed on the studded DJ table, we couldn’t help but notice his awesome microphone attachment. It appeared to be a small saxophone, but upon closer inspection, we saw that it was actually a small, curved dragon-shaped stand. Even better, it was detachable, allowing GD to strut around stage with it for multiple numbers. The entire concert was filled with objects, like this unique prop, perfectly tailored to GD. We really loved all the personal details that went into designing the event.

Because GD was on the elevated stage, his back-up dancers were basically eye-level to us. It was the first time we really paid attention to them, especially the much-talked-about Kwon twins who have a cult following of their own. They were not only amazing at their craft, but also displayed a fun sense of humor as they dramatically mouthed the words to the songs. Their quirky side came out again as they moved their bodies to PSY’s hit “Gentleman” dance during the break leading up to the encore performance. Needless to say, we were really excited when we got to wave to our new crushes as their bus left the concert venue!

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