Lee Hyori Poses for “Cosmopolitan,” Talks About Lee Sang Soon and Her Life

2013-05-22 08:24:45 2013-05-22 08:24:40

On May 20, Lee Hyori’s “Cosmopolitan” pictorial and interview were released.

Through the interview, Lee Hyori stated, “When I took a break from activities three years ago due to the plagiarism scandal, I got a chance to reflect on my past. I thought again about the things I forgot about when I was working without resting,” and “After meeting Lee Sang Soon, I got introduced to a lot of different worlds of music. I have no more greed in terms of working more. I just want to continue studying writing and composing music so I can put my own songs in my own albums and give songs to other artists as well.”

Lee Hyori also talked about her own lifestyle and said, “When I wake up in the morning, I have a cup of tea, walk my dog Soon Shim and go to my Pilate’s class. Then I listen to music and read. My favorite place in my house is the veranda on the second floor. I usually get my tan on,” and “When I’m too tired, I don’t eat dinner and just sleep on an empty stomach. I sweat it out by taking baths and I manage my physique through detox. Sometimes, when things are hard, I eat octopus and other seafood and work out or take a walk.”

Lee Hyori also talked about her age. “Honestly, age is not a big problem. Rather than an age difference, I think there’s a difference between the environment for me and others. In my teens and twenties, I only looked forward to achieve something, make money and tried to obtain things no matter what. But in my thirties, I think I am looking behind and sideways as well. I think I escaped from having that need for success. As time goes by, I think I am becoming more carefree.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hyori is enjoying great popularity with her recent come back with a fifth album, “Monochrome.”