Battle of the Rookies: History vs LC9

2013-06-02 10:18:18 2013-07-17 15:16:53

Spring of 2013 had some great comebacks but it also had some notable debuts as well. Earlier on in the year LOEN Entertainment and Nega Network  both announced that they would be debuting their first male groups around the same time. The two companies took their turns putting out teasers and the two groups debuted mere weeks away from each other. History debuted first with “Dreamer,” and then LC9 made their debut with “Mama Beat.” The two groups share similar backgrounds, but their styles are quite different from each other. 

For this battle, the two will go head to head in several rounds. Everything will be compared: their music, the choreography, their looks. The writer will choose her choice for each round but that doesn’t determine anything. At the end, you can cast your vote in the polls to see which rookie group is more popular here at Soompi. 

LC9 vs History: Let the rookie battle begin!

Writer’s Note: This was just written to get these new groups more exposure. The poll affects no official charts or anything important. Please be civil and considerate. Thanks!