Park Bo Young Shows Off Her Adorable Flat Tummy

2013-06-04 16:50:20 2015-04-28 23:37:38

Actress Park Bo Young is receiving a lot of admiration for her beautiful figure.

Recently on an online community bulletin board, two photos were uploaded under the title, “Park Bo Young reveals her adorable abs.”

In the released pictures is Park Bo Young wearing a pair of white pants and a shirt that has been tied around her waist to show off her beautiful body. With an adorable smile on her face, Park Bo Young looks gorgeous in these pictures.

Netizens that saw these photos commented, “Park Bo Young has cute abs,” “Not exactly washboard abs, but still pretty,” “She looks so young,” “Whatever she does, Park Bo Young always looks great,” and “I don’t think it would look right if she was muscled.”