[Recap] Weekly Soompi Roundup – June Week 1

2013-06-07 19:13:09 2013-07-17 15:01:00

All the important Korean Entertainment news from this week in one place: This is your Weekly Soompi Roundup! This week was drowned out by wedding bells! 

  • The question isn’t who went to Jung Suk Won and Baek Ji Young‘s wedding, it’s who wasn’t invited?  I wasn’t :[
  • I wasn’t invited to actor Kim Jae Won‘s shotgun wedding either. 
  • I’m not even holding my breath for Lee Byun Hun and Lee Min Jung‘s wedding.
  • Don’t forget, Han Hye Jin and Jang Yoon Jung are also getting married soon. 
  • So who is not getting married? CL is not worried she might never get to because of her grillz
  • In non-wedding news, the CEO of Yedang Entertainment passed away from over exhaustion.
  • CJ E&M released an official statement with the good news that Son Ho Young had been released from the hospital and currently taking a break.
  • Kim Gu Ra said what everyone is thinking about Kim Tae Hee‘s acting in a subtle, ambiguous, passive sort of way.
  • Jung Yong Hwa and his fans taught a lesson a in generosity through donating rice for a soup kitchen. 

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