How Does Nam Bora Keep Her Youthful Appearance?

2013-06-12 01:59:46 2013-06-12 02:01:23

Recently Nam Bora (Who is 24 years old) revealed the secret behind her youthful appearance. Despite being 24, Nam Bora continues to appear in dramas as a high schooler. Recently on June 10, she appeared in a press conference for KBSDrama Special 2013.”

During the press conference, Nam Bora was shown in the trailer as a high school student. It caught attention because she looked very natural as a high school student.

Nam Bora was asked her secret behind keeping a youthful appearance, “I get that question a lot but there really is not a special secret. If you had to find one, I guess it would be the ratio of my face. I heard that you look younger if your nose and chin are short. I am like that.”

Nam Bora continued, “I do want to give my shot at more mature acting. However, I do not want to have to fabricate myself. There will be a time when people will start telling me that I will need to manage my looks, that is why I have decided to enjoy hearing that I have a youthful appearance.”

Nam Bora will appear on the June 12 broadcast of “Drama Special 2013.”


Nam Bora