[Spotlight] Lee Jong Suk’s First Fan Meeting in Taiwan, Part 2

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In case you missed it, check out Part 1 of our coverage of this rising star’s time with 300 lucky fans.


The next activity involved exploring the contents of Lee Jong Suk’s backpack. The MC kept up a running joke stating that Lee Jong Suk was a student in his classroom. The segment even began with the toll of the quintessential school bell. Everyone, especially Lee Jong Suk, was laughing the whole time!

Certain items such as sunscreen, cologne, and body cream were deliberately placed for audience interaction. Lucky fans whose seat numbers got picked were able to go on stage and have an item applied to them.


With each item that was pulled out, the MC scoffed at how strange it was to bring such things to school and how bad of a student the actor was. Of course this required some sort of punishment. For his first “detention”, Lee Jong Suck was had to preform 3 poses from the infamous song “Kiyomi” aka the “Cute Song”.


And oh boy, was he adorable! He was in top form.


The next punishment involved a little dance number, which of course ended in Lee Jong Suk laughing at his own lack of skills. His dance moves were… unique, to say the least. It was really fun to see yet another playful side of his personality come out!

Lee Jong Suk then got a little break from activities as videos from fellow celebrity friends played on the screen. The well-wishers included Yoon Eun Hye, IU, and all of Girls’ Generation.


Now it was time for the second fan activity. A table was brought out with three different colored boxes. Three fans were randomly selected to come up and pretend to “film a commercial” using whatever they found under their box. Not only did they get to interact with Lee Jong Suk, they even received a signed picture of themselves with him. Pretty cool!


A toothbrush, a motor scooter helmet, and a set of plastic ramen noodles made for a fun time. The ramen noodles were perhaps the strangest, mostly because there wasn’t much to do with them beside awkwardly pretend to eat them.


For the final activity, Lee Jong Suk raffled off some of his belongings to fans. These items consisted of sunglasses, a script, a shirt that he apparently wore to bed the night before, and a pair of red shoes that he used while filming “School 2013.” In addition, each gift came with a picture of Lee Jong Suk holding it!

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