Lee Kwang Soo and Goo Eun Ae Share a “Cream Kiss”

2013-06-17 01:36:42 2013-06-17 01:41:36

Still cuts of the “Cream Kiss” scene between Lee Kwang Soo and Goo Eun Ae are drawing buzz online.

Lee Kwang Soo and Goo Eun Ae are making special appearances in the tvN drama “Dating Agency: Cyrano” as Choi Dal In and Dokko Mi Jin, respectively. Choi Dal In is a shy cook and Dokkin Mi Jin is the top chef at the restaurant Choi Dal In works in. She has the opposite personality as Choi Dal In, but he is in love with her and asks Cyrano to help him win her over. In the stills released, Lee Kwang Soo has cream on his lips amd Goo Eun Ae kisses him, making what seems to be a very “sweet” kiss. 

“Dating Agency: Cyrano” stars Girls’ Generation Sooyoung, Lee Jong Hyuk, and Lee Chun Hee, airing Mon-Tues evenings on tvN. In the drama, Sooyoung  and Lee Jong Hyuk work at the dating agency called “Cyrano,” which helps clients get into relationships by setting up romantic scenarios. Lee Kwang Soo and Goo Eun Ae’s episode airs today, June 17.

Lee Kwang Soo and Goo Eun Ae cyrano kiss scene