Actor and Former TRAX Member No Min Woo Forms New Band, Releases Teaser Image

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Musician/actor No Min Woo created a buzz online recently for being “too pretty and too hot to be true,” and today he continues the trend with the release of a teaser image for his group’s upcoming single album.

No Min Woo, who was formerly part of SM Entertainment’s rock band, “TRAX,” is now part of a new three-member band. Icon is composed of drummer Monster, DJ Disco, and No Min Woo himself, taking up the stage name “Icon.”

Icon’s first single album will be released July 1 and with only six days left yesterday, No Min Woo released a D-6 teaser image that shows two very different sides of the multi-talented musician. In one image, he looks more innocent and boyish, while the other image shows No Min Woo heavily made-up in dark eye makeup. Either way, perhaps we can say, he still looks too pretty to be true.

No Min Woo Icon

For this album, No Min Woo took active participation in all parts, being a producer, vocalist, drummer, guitarist, bassist, composer, lyricist, and arranger.

The single album, “Iconic Oh Disco ‘Rock Star’” will be released July 1.

Source: Starin and Reveiw Star