No Min Woo Showcases Guitar Skills as “ICON” in “Rock Star” MV Teaser

2013-06-27 23:59:12 2013-06-28 00:01:17

Singer/actor No Min Wooformerly part of SM Entertainment’s rock band, “TRAX, has formed a three-man band to release a new single album called “Iconic Oh Disco ‘Rock Star’.” The band is composed of  drummer MonsterDJ Disco, and No Min Woo himself, taking up the stage name “ICON.”

For this album, No Min Woo took active participation in all parts, being a producer, vocalist, drummer, guitarist, bassist, composer, lyricist, and arranger, marking this album as truly his own musical style and expression.

ICON has released a teaser video for the track called “Rock Star” in which he shows off his nimble guitar skills and rhythm.

The single album, “Iconic Oh Disco ‘Rock Star’,” will be released July 1.