Popping Cherries: A Newcomer’s Take on Exo’s “Wolf”

2013-06-29 18:34:04 2013-06-29 18:34:04

It’s been a few weeks since Exo dropped their comeback single, “Wolf.” And while K-Pop listeners either really love the song or really hate the song, sometimes our opinions are smothered in bias. So I got two of my good friends to watch the “Wolf” MV and give their honest opinions about it. 24 year-old Louisiana native Matthew, who’s already done a “Popping Cherries” with B.A.P’s “One Shot” and 28 year-old New Yorker Jen, who is totally new to the K-Pop world, join me in this howling edition of Popping Cherries.

Salima: This is Exo’s comeback after an entire year. Exo is a group from the biggest entertainment company in Korea and they had fans before they even debuted. They came out with 23 teaser videos. It’s 12 boys.

Jen: Are they hot?

Salima: Yes.

Matthew: From what you’ve shown me about K-Pop, the guys usually look like girls.

Salima: *Ignores Matthew* After a year of their fans waiting for them to comeback, they came out with a song called “Wolf.” This is it.


Jen: So that’s a tree? It looks like a tree.

Salima: That’s a tree.

Jen: Woah. That was hot.

Matthew: Oh my goodness, that boy’s hair!


Jen: And his hair!


Matthew: This is interesting. The beat just switched up.

Jen & Matthew: *burst out laughing at howls*


Matthew: Are they seriously howling right now? Seriously?

Salima: Yes, dude.

Jen: Despite that… this beat is kind of awesome.

Salima: So these are the other 6 guys coming in. Earlier you only saw the first 6.


Matthew: Was that a wolf? That was so cool. It’s filmed very well and the special effects are on point.

20130629_soompi_theoneshots_wolf_transformation 20130629_soompi_theoneshots_wolf_transformation2

Jen: Did he just say, “situation”? Because I think I understood that.

Salima: Haha yeah, he said “situation.”

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