A Closer Look at Talented Girl Group Trio Odd Eye Pt. 2

2013-07-30 02:05:35 2013-07-30 02:05:35

We previously found out that mutation, with the right combinations and luck, can be a thing of beauty. As such, this is what String-Pop trio Odd Eye aims to do: create a hybrid of classical and pop music, and mutate the overly repetitive K-Pop industry into a new form of exciting music.

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Step 4. Recording studio where Odd Eye recorded its debut track

The members are hard at work after contemplating for a long time about taking a chance at a new genre. They built a framework by writing scores that fits their instrumentation, creating melody guides, and adding lyrics. After much practice, they made a demo and would repeat the whole process. And finally! The first recording they hoped for has happened.

oddeye 1

They recorded in the studio Mojo Sound where many big celebrities have come to do their thing. The place might be a little over-the-top (?) for Odd Eye’s first recording, but it’s great to take some of the good ki of many good singers and also work with the skilled and talented engineers. Usually, the recording would focus on singing, but it’s a little different with Odd Eye because the members have to lay the track with their instruments first. Even though the group studied their respective instruments more than voice, but strings is a very sensitive instrument, which needs much precision.

oddeye 2

The members practicing their instruments inside the recording booth.

oddeye 3

Lee Jin Wook (pianist and Odd Eye’s producer) and Soolee (DJ and sound engineer) are fully focused to get the best sounds from the group. Hayule looks so cute fighting off hunger even with the temptation of pizza right in front of her as she focuses on work.

oddeye 4

After finishing up the instrumental recording, the members who went in to record their voices! Hard at work going over their assigned parts. Even though it’s their first recording, because they prepared in advance, the members didn’t look nervous and were able to finish successfully.