[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 1

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Written before it aired:

On my own blog, I’ve been saying that I wouldn’t recap this drama for weeks now ever since the trailers have been airing. I have been jumping out of my skin from fright and declared I would never go near this show, but then one day reality set in. I suddenly remembered all the previous Hong sisters’ dramas I have enjoyed in the past and thought there just had to be a twist about this story that I was overlooking due to my innate fear of anything related to apparitions. So in one brave moment, I pressed play on the long preview. Along with the mini heart attacks came that certain “aha” moment I tend to get when I realize a connection to the drama. It was the fact that Tae Gong Sil found her security blanket in Joo Joong Won. After constant bouts of insomnia from seeing ghosts all the time, she discovered that he is the one thing that keeps them at bay. As long as she touches him, the specters disappear. Like a drowning victim, she is going to cling to him every chance she gets. That one piece of revelation is what turned things around and here I am live recapping a drama that could easily give me nightmares for the next decade. I think I figured out why so many Koreans love watching ghost related dramas and movies this time of the year. It’s not just the chill they get from being frightened that keeps them cool in the summer, it’s the chill you get from feeling alive in that moment. Say what you will about Tae Gong Sil’s ability, but I bet she never once forgot to keep in mind that as long as she keeps seeing ghosts, at least she is still alive to see them.

Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won
 Tae Gong Shil
Kang Woo
 Tae Yi Ryeong

My typical live recap style is to use abbreviations for the names cuz it’s faster to type and I tend to forget or mix up Korean names easily. Once in a while when Joonni (a fellow blogger and recapper) has time, she will help me fill in the puns and jokes that are trademarks of the Hong sisters. The initial live recap draft will be posted first right after it airs or a few times during the show if there is enough of a time gap to press update. Then I will go back and edit for the rest of the night till most of the dialogue has been filled in so you can keep refreshing for more details. Screencaps usually show up around a few hours after the show. Words take priority over visuals in my book unless a certain good looking actor makes me forget that so if you see screencaps first, you know why.


I wonder if she knows there is a fine line between clinging to save your sanity and just plain taking advantage of the situation to hug an attractive man.

Episode 1

Starts from rain and thunder outside a building. Looking pretty ghostly herself, Gong Sil walks over and sorts trash and puts then in the recycle bin. a lady calls out Tae Yang – miss Tae. today during the day #404 left again so clean it. Gong Sil repeats the room number sounding afraid. the lady says why can’t that room last – they keep moving out. maybe cuz it’s unlucky cuz of the death. Tae Yang – that drawer in the room too- put it outside.

*Gong Sil lives and works at this small boarding home (a gosiwon but they call it a gositel) as the super – cleaning and taking care of things. the lady was the owner of the boarding home

Dreading each step of the way, Gong Sil goes slowly up and opens the door. every little sound or door bang scares Gong Sil as she sees the ghost pop up everywhere. Gong Sil says what to do and runs down the hallway trying to get away from it. she runs up the stairs and goes to the roof and through her door. she holds onto the door handle as someone tries to open it. she yells for them to go. suddenly it stops and the ghost is inside the room with her. the face changes to an old grandma.

Gong Sil is wearing a white hooded rain coat and stands outside in the rain. she goes to a wake and hands a man something the grandma gave to her to give to him. the son says my mother and looks at the bank book and says the money in the account is over ten thousand. his sisters come over and look and say it’s for real. Gong Sil says she said to use it for the funeral and the rest to use it to pay off your debts. the son cries and says mother. Gong Sil says there was another message for you.  the son says tell me. Gong Sil relays that message in the grandma’s tone and even grabs him by the collar calling him a rotten guy. if you gamble again I will come back and cut off your hand. You cant gamble! she lets go and he falls back. Gong Sil says that is what she said. the family looks at her horrified but then the woman grabs the bank book and says it really is mom’s bank account. it’s over ten thousand – how did she have all this. the son asks for it but his sister says that’s not all yours oppa. half is mine. he says how is it yours. mom passed it onto me. the ex wife says half is mine so he yells what did you do for half of it to be yours-  what did you do for mom. the woman says then what did you do – all you did was gamble. she blames him for their divorce. he blames her for being responsible for cutting off his finger. the sister defends spending the compensation to save the brother. the family argues as Gong Sil leaves. She watches the grandma look on sadly at her family fighting over the money. grandma nods gratefully to Gong Sil and disappears.

Joong Won asks are you saying there is a dead ghost here. the man says yes my dead wife is still in this home. thinking of my kids I was thinking of selling this home, but my dead wife doesn’t want that. Joong Won asks if the man insists on standing in the way of his golf resort (cuz I guess it was going to be built on this land). the man says my wife is here so how can I push her away. Joong Won asks a deceased person is here. ok fine. if she is really here then let’s get rid of her together. what did she say. the man says if you look at that flower you will know. (he points to a white rose) that flower was what my wife cherished the most. when I decided to sell this home, that flower wilted but when I made up my mind not to sell it bloomed again. Joong Won summarizes what he said – that his wife expressed her choice via that flower. he goes over to the white rose and picks up some shears and speaks to the photo “flower wife – listen well and decide -you don’t want to sell this home but I will buy this house. could you never sell? then make the neck of the flower nod. if it doesn’t then I will cut the head off the flower. the man asks what are you doing now. Joong Won gives the dead wife 3 secs and counts down and cuts. the man says are you crazy. Joong Won says you are the one who is crazy. people who are alive finished talking and you brought in a dead person and made it all go away so isn’t that crazy. the secretary Kim Gwi do hands over the contract and Joong won says I cut off the input/opinion of your dead wife so follow what the men who are alive agreed on. sign it.

As they leave, the man yells “You cruel guy – no matter what you say my wife is here.”  Joong Won says she isn’t here. come to your senses. man says just cuz you cant see with your eyes – if you disregard a person’s heart like this and treat it lightly -you will get hit my lightning. Joong won: I am going to continue being smart and live ignoring things that I can’t see. if what I said is wrong I will get hit by lightning. he holds out his arms in the rain daring the sky and says I didn’t get hit by lightning. he congratulates the man for making money today and leaves. the man says if there is a ghost it will be sure to take away a guy like you.

in the car, his secretary Kim asks are you really not scared of ghosts at all. Joong won says why be scared of dead people- the people who are alive are scary. I have to confirm the content of the contract again – give me what was recorded. Kim tells him which file it’s in and hands him the audio player. Joong won listens to it and reads over the contract and the letters on the paper move around and JW looks uncomfortable.

as their car goes along the road Gong Sil is standing there waving them down. Kim says what is that – it looks like a person. she is trying to wave down a car so should we stop. Joong Won says ignore her and go. the car stops suddenly when Kim brakes cuz of a flash of light. Joong won asks what was that. Kim says there was a sudden flash of light. was it lightning. Gong sil comes over and startles Joong won. She gets in thanking them and says I thought you didn’t see me and passed me. Kim asks what should I do. Joong Won puts on his seatbelt and pulls down the seat divider and tells him to just go.

주군의 태양.E01.130807.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[06-01-53]

Kim asks her how did you know a car would come along and stood there. Gong Sil says some ajumma said if I stood there a car would come. Kim says that ajumma got it right like a ghost. Gong Sil admits she was a ghost. I couldn’t avoid her. that’s correct. she takes off her raincoat and asks if this car is going to Seoul. Kim says yes and Joong Wong says no- just drop her off somewhere nearby. Kim says yes president. she looks over at the contract and asks are you the president of Kingdom? she pointed so he moves her hand aside. their hands touched so she says she just felt static electricity and asks didn’t you. but Joong Won says no. she argues she felt it really strong just now, but he denies it again. she asks Kim if Kingdom is that really big shopping mall. I live around near there so if you are headed there, but Joong won says which intersection should be ok so how about getting out there. she says ok. suddenly Gong Sil sees a ghost on the road and screams. it makes Kim brake. she begs him to just keep going. then she sees the ghost inside and gets so startled she grabs onto Joong Won and the ghost is gone. Joong Won uses his finger to push her off him. then he wipes that finger on his shoulder.

at the rest stop Kim gives her a drink and asks if she is ok. Gong sil: yes thank you. she excuses herself and walks away. Joong Wong: cuz that woman screamed so we brought her all the way here. maybe she screamed on purpose cuz I told her to get out. Kim says I don’t think so – what did she see to be so surprised.

Gong Sil remembers seeing the ghost again and it’s behind her

주군의 태양.E01.130807.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-11-54] 주군의 태양.E01.130807.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[03-13-36]

Joong Won goes looking for her and sees her talking to herself crouched on the ground. Joong won: what is that. Gong Sil says to her ghost –  you drank alcohol and got into an accident but you miss alcohol again so I cant understand. it’s ok I don’t want any. I cant drink now – I am sorry. but she drinks. Joong won shakes his head like she is insane. Gong Sil: I didn’t get married. pretty? really? she is laughing when she sees Joong Won. she goes after Joong won and tells the ghost to leave and not follow. Joong won stops walking so she runs into him. when she touches Joong Won the ghost is gone. she is holding his arm as she says he’s not following me – he’s gone. Joong Won looks down at her offending hand but she keeps touching him. he says there are two things I hate. one- touching my money and the other touching my body. for touching my money I cut off the head of a flower. so what do you think I would do with the wrist that touches my body. she finally lets go and removes her hand. she says sorry if I offended you. I did that cuz I was just scared cuz that ajussi kept following me. Joong Won looks and says I don’t see anything with my eyes. she holds his arm again and says but he was there. he kept following me. but when I touched you like this he disappeared. Joong won watches her roving hands and brings up that ghost like ajumma. is she a friend of that ajussi who is chasing you. he tells her to go and have another drink with that ajumma and ajussi. she touches his arm again and says he is not here now. I think it’s cuz of you. he says I do have a special ability for chasing away people who follow me annoyingly. want to see it once? she nods yes. the car pulls up so he removes her hands and says  let go and stay here. don’t be alarmed. he gets in the car and drives away. kim says she is following. JW says she is crazy so abandon her and go. he moves her white raincoat and finds the white rose he cut back at the house earlier. he throws out the rose

a guy (Yoo) is digging in the rain asking why isn’t it here – where is it. suddenly a ghost appears. GS opens her eyes and looks scared. she says I wish the rain would hurry and stop and the sun would come out.

There is news about the soccer player Yoo Hae Sung and top star Tae Yi Ryeong and how many people are interested in their wedding. where and how these two people will get married. Joong won watches the news in his car.

his uncle in law SC asks if Joong Won watched the morning news. entertainment news reported that Tae Yi Ryeong and Yoo HS would be getting married at Kingdom. Joong won points out they only showed the Kingdom logo for 15 secs. SC still thinks it’s advertising Kingdom. they stop walking in front of a giant poster of Tae Yi Ryeong and Joong won says the ad model I give money too -her wedding is an ad. as much money as I spent (on the wedding) get it back with ads.  SC says I will get ten times the amount. there is one bothersome matter

in Joong won’s office SC brings up the letter that came to the wedding hall. he puts it on the table and Joong Won looks at a wedding photo of Yoo with a hole where the bride’s face is. he says this man is Yoo HS. SC says yes but doesn’t it look like they got married in the photo. Joong won says unless this photo was made up it looks like Yoo will have to pay a high price (meaning to get rid of this problem).

Yi Ryeong is going through her high school yearbook and says which friends not to send invitations to.  she stops at Tae Gong Sil and the woman says she has the same last name as you. she is pretty – were you close? Yi Ryeong says we weren’t close. but still – call her (meaning invite her)

주군의 태양.E01.130807.HDTV.X264.720p-BarosG[05-07-06]

Gong Sil walks up the stairs and gets startled to run into two boys holding a can. she opens it for them and puts it on the table. the kid says if you just opened the can we could eat alone. she says since you are eating anyway, let’s eat together. she asks about their mom- did she not come in yesterday too. kid says our mom has to earn money so she is busy and couldn’t come. but that ajumma said you are weird noona. she said you were crazy. Gong Sil says no- a long time ago after the accident – I became different from other people. I was trying to live normally and worked at a company too. flashback to serving coffee and spilling it cuz she saw a ghost. Gong Sil says scary people came to see me at the office and couldn’t work there for very long. also I had a guy following me around too (a guy who liked her and they were about to kiss) but scary things kept interfering. still in order to live I did odd jobs. she drove a cab and asked where should I go, but she kept seeing ghosts everywhere. cuz of those people whose eyes I might catch and follow me around, I am always scared. It’s hard for me to go around and hold my head up properly. I wish there was just one place in the world I could run away and hide. kid says meet other people. cuz my mom is having a hard time and lonely, she meets men. you should do that too noona. she remembers Joong Won and wonders if that person will meet me.

Yoo looks at the wedding photo and says I dated her and she is the girlfriend who threw me away. He is still wearing the same bracelet as in the photo. his manager says since the photo was sent to the wedding hall, we need to be careful. this woman is an extortionist. Joong won says then you should cut ties with her  -why keep wearing it and live. (meaning the bracelet). Yoo admits the reason for wearing it. the hatred for the woman who threw him away. Joong Won thinks the woman will come to see the wedding then.  manager asks Joong won to pay special attention (as in get more security) so Joong won says I will charge you for the additional cost of that special attention.

Gong Sil sneaks a look and sees Joong Won’s sec leaving the office. she goes over and watches them meeting and there is a woman sitting there next to Yoo. suddenly the ghost is there so Gong Sil screams and falls. when Joong Won goes out Gong Sil isn’t there.

Gong Sil asks who are you. why are you doing this to me. the dead girl hangs in the air then she watches Yoo. Gong Sil asks the ghost – I just have to tell the soccer player about what was buried under the tree? I think I could tell him if I just get on the elevator with him. Gong Sil runs over to catch up calling out to Yoo, but Joong Won pulls her away by the hair. she says wait a minute and he asks what are you. who are you. she smiles at him and he recognizes her. she says it’s me. guards run over asking what’s going on. Joong Wong says someone acting strange/suspicious so get rid of her. as Joong won walks away, she calls out president it’s me –  we met on the night it rained. you kept saying something cuz I kept touching you. don’t you remember? in the car there was static electricity between us too. on that night I took my clothes off and left it there. you remember don’t you? Joong won turns and stares from her then at the guard’s mouth gaping open in shock.