[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 2

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I wonder how many more hugs it will take for Joong Won to move past his discomfort long enough to sense her desperation. When will his ego realize she isn’t clinging to him out of attraction and more out of urgency for rest and peace. Is he blind? It sort of makes you wonder just how much darker do they need to get for him to notice those dark circles mean she is in dire need of sleep. Even after just two episodes, we know enough backstory to get that Gong Sil has her work cut out for her. Getting this guy ready for any sort of intimacy like hugging is going to take a small miracle. That’s why it’s a good thing that she is the type to go ahead and do it first and make excuses later. I love how she takes every opportunity to touch him even though she knows full well how much he hates it. Not that anyone can blame her – given a choice between slightly offending someone and having to deal with more ghosts, I’m surprised she hasn’t started stalking his home. All this time he has been pushing her away, but the preview clearly showed a change in his demeanor. He seems to have finally come to some sort of realization about her. For the first time as he held her in his arms, I think the truth was finally sinking in. That her fear is genuine and her belief that he is the only one who can keep her safe might just be for real.

Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won (JW)  Tae Gong Shil (GS) Kang Woo (KW)  Tae Yi Ryeong (YR)

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Written before it aired:

Joong Won is about to see the business end of karmic justice pretty soon. In the history of kdrama, I don’t think there was a single time when a pompous male lead didn’t have to eventually confront the fate that he tempted by being such a cad in early episodes. The higher they are the harder they fall should be changed to the more arrogant you are the more you will regret later. I was secretly smirking as I watched him have his Shawshank moment in the rain cuz I knew it would come back to bite him on the butt down the line. Joong Won really tempted fate last night by daring lighting to strike him down.  He might not have felt anything but rain on his face, but little did he know his little lightning was waiting for him on the side of the road. At their first physical contact, he lied through his teeth that he didn’t feel any static electricity between them, but denial runs deep with this man.  He is going to learn quickly  that his lies will not hold up against Gong Sil’s sincerity. Resisting acknowledgement of what he can’t see will become a thing of the past and Gong Sil will introduce him to his new reality: the futility in trying to avoid it.

Episode 2

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Starts from the hug. Joong Won pushes her off and says what are you. Gong Sil: I want to sleep. Joong won: come to your senses and open your eyes. she says please just sleep with me. Joong won: what? are you asking to sleep with me right now?  she nods yes. he grabs her head and asks – are you trying to seduce me to sleep with you in your state of dress now? she nods yes and says let’s sleep – let me sleep with you. he keeps her away from him and says I cant sleep with you. he opens one of her eyes and says wake up from your dream and pushes her away.  she falls on the table. he points and says just cuz you touch me and come at me you think I will fall for that? he smells the finger he was pointing with and then his clothes where her head rested and makes a face. Joong won: when did you wash your hair? she sniffs her hair and so does he. he says if you are going to seduce someone wash your hair and do it.  Gong Sil: you aren’t going to even sleep with me (so why should I). he wipes his hands. she asks why did you come here?  he says I heard you were talking about me. where and what did you hear or do you really know something about her? did you use to know Hee Joo? Gong Sil:that woman’s name was Hee Joo? Joong won: then what is it? how do you know Hee Joo?  she says I saw her. I saw that woman. Joong won: what? did you not wake completely yet? that woman is… he is about to say she is dead but Gong Sil says it. Joong won: that’s right. Hee Joo died a long time ago. so how and when did you see her? Gong Sil:  I saw her next to you not too long ago. I see dead people.

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Security team talks over drinks. One says a dead girl is a ghost. It’s something that is famous talk in Kingdom. Our president is holding onto his first love who died a long time ago so that is why he hasn’t married. When he is about to get married the dead girl ghost shows up and breaks it up. Kang Woo: if it’s about the dead girl – are you talking about the dead female student involved in that incident in the past? The other guy says yes – that incident was famous. When I was younger I remember that coming out in the news, a boy from a rich family and the girlfriend he was with were both kidnapped. Back then they just lost the ransom and didn’t catch the culprits. They figure out how much the ransom would be now. Those guys who took that money are living well somewhere. Kang Woo asks why the employees called the president “Joo goon.” The guy says since he is the king of kingdom – cuz he is living well as the president, the girl who got caught too and died alone felt it was unfair and became a ghost. There is a rumor she is roaming around our kingdom so I can’t sleep.

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Gong Sil admits: I almost died and then I woke up. After that I started seeing dead people. Joong Won: so you saw Hee Joo who died 15 yrs ago the day before yesterday? Gong Sil nods yes and says on that day when you got mad at me and left, I saw her that day  (when he said “it’s the end when you die- don’t torment the living person). Gong Sil: it was for a second, but I saw that girl. Joong won: so you see ghosts? she nods yes. he asks is there a ghost here now. how many? she says over there on that chair – the one rocking when there is no wind. Joong won: so. Gong Sil whispers: he is there. Joong Won asks there is one there. Gong Sil: they come and find me, I also discover them on the street, I try to ignore them but they keep following me. they want to talk to me or sometimes ask requests. they cling to me so that I cant sleep. I am so scared of that and hate it. but I cant not listen to them. the ghost comes closer so she grabs Joong won’s arm and it disappears. she says but when I hold onto you like this I cant see it or hear it. someone like you – it’s the first time. that is why you are special to me. what could you be to me? when I am with you, I think I could sleep well and live normally. I want to stay by your side. Joong won: you want to be by my side that much? then it would be better if you said this building was yours -then I will overlook it cuz this real estate is expensive. he pulls away from her. she says I am really tormented. you don’t know cuz you cant see or hear them, but I am too scared. Joong won: of things I cant see or hear, I’m not scared. being able to see and hear you – you are scary. he goes over and kicks the chair asking you are scared cuz this chair moves? how is it -since I did that is it more scary? he warns if you stick to me one more time, I will really make it scary for you. suddenly the chair and everything he moved stops so even he looks at it in surprise. the ghost stopped it. Gong Sil: no matter how scary you act towards me – it will be better than the scary thing I see.  I just rather run away next to you. Joong won: it’s not cuz I have a lot of money or I’m really good looking – you will stick with me cuz you are scared of ghosts. he gets sarcastic and says that’s a new one.  she rests her head on his arm and says I am so lonely and sad like this. he gets repulsed by her hair smell again and says look here Tae Gong Sil – that famous candy who clung to the rich guy ,even though she was lonely and sad, she tied up her hair and clung to him. wash that hair that stinks and come to your senses.  Gong Sil looks sad and says: you see me as a girl who doesn’t have money seducing a guy with a lot of money. then she smiles and says I will do that. cant I be candy?  Joong won: just cuz you do – you think you can seduce me? ok try to seduce me with your ghosts friends. he gives her an unflattering nickname so she says I am Tae yang. Tae Gong Sil- I’m Tae yang (sun). he says if you are the “sun” I don’t want to see morning again. he leaves and she yells – when the sun rises I am going to go next to you. next time I will be sure to wash my hair.

*the best thing about this drama is that hugs are built into the story from day one.

Joong Won walks away shaking his head. Kim asks if he met tae yang. did you meet Tae Gong sil. Joong Won looks up at her and says I was wrong to come here. Let’s go. She watches them leave.

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Kang Woo wonders why Joong Won came here and looks up at Gong Sil.

Gong Sil says to herself – he probably saw me as a crazy woman. but I really saw her -Hee Joo- I really saw that woman

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Joong Won is home and remembers how Gong Sil said the ghost was there. He opens his curtain and says if there really is something like that, I want to call it once. Cha Hee Joo.

At a school some girls are having a form of séance. They are calling for the spirit. The girl says it came. Outside something moves and the girl asks are you Lee Eun Seol. Other girl says it’s a joke. The other one asks why did you die. Is the one who made you die here? Talk – is the one who made you die here? The girls are scared and scream when the door opens and the teacher comes in. She tells them to sit. Girls think it was a joke but the dead girl is hanging outside. A girl gets a text and says it’s Eun Seol and screams when she sees the photo.

SC stares at a photo of the 3 girls and there is a ghostly face behind them. SC asks was this picture taken at our fountain in Kingdom. His sec says yes.  This photo is all over the internet right now. SC: maybe this photo was taken wrong. If you shake the camera it comes out fuzzy. She says but the other girls are fine. Plus where this girl is standing is weird. Look. It means she was taken here (standing inside the water). SC says it is cuz she wouldn’t have gone into the water to take it, so is this really a ghost. He steps back from fear.

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SC reports that to Joong won and he says does this make sense. SC says unless it’s a real ghost it would be hard to take this picture. Joong won thinks it was doctored. our image isn’t good cuz of Tae Yi ryeong and Yoo’s marriage breaking off, but you are leaving this alone? aren’t you taking care of matters? SC says he asked the photo sites that posted it to take it down. anyway cuz of this our profit is increasing – kingdom ghost. they say when a ghost comes out it’s daebak employees are enjoying it and talking about it. Joong won: is it fun? is this situation entertaining? SC: ghosts are scary but amazing too.  Joong won asks is this the time to play with ghosts. he goes to the window and points out their building – Kingdom 1.5 and it is going up floor by floor.  they will open in two months (once construction finishes). it’s scarier than a ghost. SC says it’s really late. Joong won tells him to focus. tell employees not to be bewitched by ghosts and bewitch customers. so they open their wallets and spend a lot of money.

Security guards talk about the pic near the fountain and one of them says it’s mine.

Gong Sil is at the mall and goes to visit her sister. she asks what are you doing here and not sleeping during the day  – did you come to see me. Gong sil says no I got hired at Kingdom. sister says it hasn’t been long since I became the manager here. if you get caught by the police here or ride in the ambulance I wont be able to work. Gong Sil says that might not happen here unni. there is something special here. the sister says you don’t see those things here? Gong sil says there is someone who can chase them away so that I cant see them.  the sister asks why drink two cups of coffee.  it’s cuz you are awake during the day so you are sleepy that’s why huh? Gong Sil says some kid kept chasing after me saying he wants to drink coffee so I ordered it. it was the ghost. she leaves him to sniff it and goes.

Girls are talking about the photo – they took the pic on the day eun seol died. so why is dead eun seol in the pic. did dead eun seol send it to us? to show us that she hates us? someone is playing a joke. cuz they are saying eun seol died cuz of us. it was a car accident – it wasn’t cuz of us. to be honest I think it’s cuz of us.  if we didn’t do that to her on that day, she wouldn’t have died. eun seol hates us and is staying by us still.