[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun Episode 4

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, this drama jumps right into the fun and opens with the most hilarious bed scene ever. Even the ghost tonight wasn’t all that scary so this might be the one episode people can watch with hardly any fear. Maybe it’s cuz I live recapped Best Love, but these two leads are giving me similar vibes. They work off each other so well that it doesn’t even seem like acting. I just love how she opens up to him and her words take effect and he actually changes how he thinks and his behavior before his brain has time to catch up and stop him. Same thing for her. Stuff that never bothered her before now she sees through his eyes and she understands what he said is true. Some of the stuff he says and the manner in which he says it might be harsh, but I still appreciate that it takes that sort of candor for it to take root in her. With every encounter, she is breaking down his defenses faster than he has time to rebuild and he is giving her sound advice that she has never gotten about her ability. If these two can come to some sort of agreement, I bet they could help each other in ways they never imagined. Not just to heal his old wounds, but to prevent anymore pain in the future for both of them. I cant imagine two more vastly disparate people who shouldn’t be together that actually need to be than these two. Their personalities are like a kaleidoscope of colorful bits and pieces that look like chaos, but once they come together, there is undeniable beauty.

*I can’t wait till Joong Won falls in love with her. I hope it’s him first and not her. I want him to suffer and be tormented with that truth – that he has feelings for her now. That he misses her touch and even welcomes it instead of flinching away. Maybe he will even regret how harsh he was towards her. I know four episodes isn’t enough time, but just from seeing how he watches her and gets moved by her stories, he has no clue but his heart is already going through something that is the start of longing. Pretty soon it will become more and then this man is going to fall so hard for her he won’t even see it coming.

Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won (JW)  Tae Gong Shil (GS) Kang Woo (KW)  Tae Yi Ryeong (YR)
gwi-do sung-ran seok-chan  
Kim Gwi Do (Secretary Kim)  Joo Sung Ran (SR) Do Seuk Chul (SC)

Episode 4

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Starts from Gong Sil waking up in bed smiling and happy. she looks over and sees JW then looks down and she is holding hands with him in bed. she laughs and says how much did I want to sleep with this guy that I am dreaming about it. since I am holding his hands like this even my dream is quiet. if I was going to dream I should have dreamt a lot. like my sister said getting his energy. she is holding on tightly to his hand so he opens his eyes. she asks in banmal “Joo goon did you wake up?”  He looks at her and repeats “Joo goon?” Gong Sil: let’s sleep more cuz I don’t want to wake yet. He tries to pull his hand away but she is holding on so tight she comes with it and she ends up almost on top of him. He looks into her eyes and asks who are you now? (he still thinks she could be Hee Joo). Are you really Tae Gong Sil? She says yes and asks isn’t this a dream?  He shoves her away and gets out of bed. Joong won: even if you opened your eyes it would seem like a dream to you. I open my eyes and it’s even more of a nightmare. don’t scream and put on an act of modesty for nothing – cuz you and I just held hands and slept. she asks where is this place. Joong Won: it’s my home. she gets up and says your home?  your home is really nice. Joong Won: you like it? he asks isn’t it normal to act modest and say “why am I here.” (he said that line like a girl)  Gong sil: it’s not often but sometimes this happens.  last time I opened my eyes at a graveyard in a village. he uses her name as the sun and says even though the sun goes up – is it ok for you to rise (like the sun) just anywhere? Gong Sil: even though it’s scary being the ghost but there are times when I can be of help. (meaning to let ghosts use her body like that) I let them know who the bad people are when I see them and chase them away by giving them fear. are you worrying about me now,  but he claims -not you – I’m worried about the ones who see you -if you show up like that then how would it be (for them)

Gong Sil woke up and crawls along on a grave like a ghost and scares people.

Gong Sil admits it does shock them a lot. then she realizes how she must have been like last night and asks were you ok. Joong Won: now you worry about me? I was shocked a lot too.  Gong Sil: but I docilely woke up on your bed.  Joong Won: thanks to you yesterday I had a lot of guests who came and went (evidently she took on the spirit of a variety of ghosts)

Last night, she acted like a kid and asked ajussi where is my mom? find my mom. he tells her to come to her senses. she whines where is my mom. he tells her to get up. she says find my mom so he grabs her and says come to your senses. the kid ghost left her body at his touch since that’s the only thing that gets rid of them.

Then she begged for water. when he went to get it and came back, he wonders where she went. she was dancing around in his room so he backs up and says what is this now. then she faints on him. he catches her and says she has gone crazy.

Then Lion King music plays as she barked on his bed and howled. he throws his pillow at her and says bite it. she barks at him more and scares him.

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Gong Sil looks at the cushion she chewed through and feels guilty. he says you drank alcohol and became a dog. Gong Sil: a dog? I became a dog? Joong Won: like the one that bites -not a tame Chihuahua – a wild Siberian husky. Gong Sil: but I wasn’t drunk yesterday so why did I become  a dog. maybe cuz I was too sleepy. Joong Won: only when I held you – you got quiet so I held hands with you and slept. he gets closer and asks you don’t just see and hear -they can come in and out of you.  Gong Sil: when I totally lose my senses that does happen.  that’s why my heart cant be at ease and cant sleep and live being careful. Joong Won: that’s why you go around with panda eyes and look like you are in a daze as you go around. she nods yes. maybe it was cuz I slept next to you, but yesterday I slept really well. she gets closer so he backs away to his chair as she says I liked last night so much. Joong Won: I didn’t like it cuz you were a dog yesterday. she wonders why she did that yesterday. I went along to the gathering and my head hurt and I was sleepy so I came out. she remembers and says I saw Cha Hee Joo next to you. then I totally lost consciousness. did you meet Cha Hee Joo yesterday by any chance. did I come as Cha Hee Joo and met you?

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Last night Gong Sil says as Hee Joo – it’s me the bad girl you hate.  Joong Won: Cha Hee Joo? Hee Joo: hating me for so long – how hard it must have been for you. when you liked me so much. (flashback of young Joong Won pushing her on a swing) as much as you liked me your sense of betrayal would have been great. and you wouldn’t have forgotten cuz it was so terrible. 

flashback to Hee Joo saying Joong Woon I am sorry. then young Joong Won yelling out her name as the car she is in explodes.

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Joong Won: cuz you died like that I couldn’t pay you back. cuz it was humiliating I couldn’t even say I was deceived by you. Thanks to you there was just a curse left from my first love. now that you are here, clear up the curse before you go. Gong Sil: I didn’t deceive you – I really did like you for real. I wish you would go back to the way you were. he says what I want to find are the culprits who worked with you. what I have to find is my money. where is my money. if I find that and forget cleanly – I think that rotten curse will lift. she reaches out and touches his face and said I love you just as her spirit leaves the body. Gong Sil passes out leaning on him. He holds her with one arm and cries.

* I bet he thought he had enough hate to not let her get to him, but the minute she said I love you, I think he forgot that and allowed himself to feel love again.  

Joong won says she just talked nonsense and disappeared. Gong Sil: but anyway you got to meet the person you wanted to meet the most.  Joong Won: you said you wanted to stick to my side. I will let you stick by my side. an amount came up that would allow you to stick with me. she asks how much. Joong Won: 9 million (dollars -his ransom money)

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