[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 5

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The more I watch this show, the more endearing it gets cuz of scenes like this. It’s not just the sincerity that I find so appealing – it’s the simple truth of their growing affection for each other that is creeping closer to our two leads that interests me the most. Pretty soon there won’t be anywhere to hide for Joong Won. His jealousy will rear its head and that realization is going to knock him senseless. That’s the best part – all that bluster and for what – he will fall for the very last woman on earth he could see himself with. I’m not sure what will floor him more – the fact that he has feelings for her or that everything he did so far led to that moment. He only has himself to blame and it’s going to be pretty hard for him to kick himself when she is hanging all over him.   He avoided intimacy and physical contact until she came into his life and changed that around by dangling his greed before his eyes. With his new competition throwing down the gauntlet, now the thought of not having her touch him exclusively is going to drive Joong Won crazy. The sadist in me can’t wait to watch Joong Won resort to being the one to seek out ghosts just so she will need him.

Written before it aired:

As I watched that last scene unfold on episode four, I kept thinking how swoon-worthy that was for a reason most people wouldn’t find romantic. It wasn’t the sweeping embrace or putting aside his anger towards her that moved me so much. The man who claims to care only about money walked away from a business meeting to come rescue her. That appointment was so important to him and yet the only thought that registered when Kim said there was a huge accident nearby was that she would have to see a lot of dead people without him.  As soon as his phone was returned to him, he immediately asked if anyone had called as if he anticipated her call, but then he realized she wouldn’t cuz he lashed out at her. Even though he was mad at her for lying to him, Joong Won still went to her cuz he knew she would need him now more than any other time. I love when the male lead cares more than he lets on or even wants to. It’s as if some unfathomable force is controlling his actions and he gets baffled by his sudden change in demeanor until the truth of his feelings sinks in. I have a feeling Joong Won is going to stay in denial land for a while longer since he has so many unresolved issues with his first love. I know it’s wishful thinking, but I sort of hope he lets Gong Sil stay by his side for that night since she didn’t get any sleep the other day. If you are going to play the role of hero, might as well go that extra step and help her get some sleep too.

Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won
 Tae Gong Shil
Kang Woo
 Tae Yi Ryeong
gwi-do sung-ran seok-chan  
Kim Gwi Do
(Secretary Kim)
 Joo Sung Ran
Do Seuk Chul

Episode 5

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Starts from the site of the accident and the hug. Joong Won pushes her away but as Gong Sil thanks him, she is reluctant to let him go. He looks down at her hands still gripping his jacket. Gong Sil: sorry I have to keep holding onto you to feel safe. She relustantly lets go. He understands her fear and says let’s go and takes her hand through the accident site. At first he put his hand over hers, but later on he is holding her hand tightly as they walk.

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They get to a bridge walk and he asks if they got further away now and if it’s ok. she looks around and says there doesn’t seem to be any ghosts following me. she lets go to check around some more and goes back to holding his arm and says there aren’t any. he says there isn’t any so why hold me again. she says my hand keeps going to your body automatically. Joong Won points out he isn’ like shrimp chips for her hands to keep reaching out to.  Gong Sil: that is true – you are a really expensive president. also since you are mad at me – I thought you would keep away so I couldn’t touch you. Thank you so much for helping me president. He points out how she is expensive to him (cuz of the money she can get back for him) and I don’t run away from something expensive. Gong Sil smiles and says I am the radar that can see a 9 million dollar ghost huh? He says you are a 100 yuk radar but if you overdo it again (telling lies to make him feel better), at that time I will run off. Gong Sil: I’m sorry I was just trying to make your heart more at ease but he stops her from talking and says don’t even say those things to comfort me. all I want is your ability to see the dead Cha Hee Joo. Gong Sil: yes I overdid it- from here on I will just use my ability that you want and not overdo anything else. he tells her to come to work tm for her new job cuz he has a position to set her up. Gong Sil is so grateful and says: really? cuz of ghosts I was always fired. that I could get hired like this I didn’t even think of it. thank you so much president. from here on I will work hard to see ghosts. Joong Won: since your bunker is next to your side – try to use your ability the best that you can. she says yes I will do well. then she asks cautiously will I get penalized from my salary for touching you freely like this even once. Joong Won: for holding my hand once $100, holding you in my arms like a while ago $1,000. You just used up all your salary for this month. He grins and turns to leave but she stops him and says wait a minute – that seems too harsh. She held his arm so he looks down and says $100. she says I wont touch you freely then. Joong Won: I’m saying from here on be careful.  just cuz your hand keeps going to me and keep touching me freely then even if you come into work every day you wont even be able to look at your salary. just when you are so scared you cant breathe that’s when you should calculate. Gong Sil: ok I understand. She mutters he said he wouldn’t run off/avoid me but he is acting so expensive. Joong Won: even if you aren’t comfortable it doesn’t matter cuz I am the one person in the world you need. no matter how expensive I act you cant turn me down. his hand motion indicates he means his whole body. she points out if you look at it that way –  I am the only person for you. I am the only one who can connect you to Cha Hee Joo. Joong Won: that’s true – you are the only person. without me you are scared to death huh? but for me when you aren’t around – it’s just to the extent that it’s too bad. she goes after him asking if it’s too that extent than be more lenient. he tells her to get lost. she asks if he is kidding about deducting her pay. he says she will know in the future if he is kidding

Joong Won is at home and remembers holding her hand and hugging her and says $100 – it’s not even the cost of one bottle of champagne. $1000 -it’s not even half the price of this fridge and I hugged her – it was too cheap.

Gong Sil hugs her stuffed animal and says what Joong Won said – your bunker came so hide. he was so cool a while ago. she tells her stuffed animal – come to your senses cuz he didn’t do it cuz he likes you. he was just chasing away the ghosts (for you). if you keep having those silly thoughts you could lose your bunker. at times like that a person could feel flustered  -you just see ghosts – you aren’t a ghost. she hugs it and says I will give you $1000 especially. $2000. $3000.ghost go away. do you like it?  

There is a place where some séance like ritual is being performed.it seems like a match making for a ghost. they are speaking Chinese. scary woman says the girl who died is the same age as the boy and she died at the same age.  there is a ghost of a rich young guy and a girl. the woman prepared something. the young boy is referred to as young master. there is a parchment with red letters. the scary woman says the young master is here and once he finds his partner he will be able to leave comfortably. his grandmother speaks to her grandson’s ghost and says if grandma does this will you be comfortable? he turns scary looking and is gone. the scary woman says the young master didn’t like this young lady. I will find another one.

Gong Sil washed her hair and dried it. she wore makeup even and gets ready for her new job

The older boy tells Kang Woo the milk was delivered and asks are you going to drink it now.  Kang Woo tells him to drink it. the kid thanks him and tells him how Gong Sil got a hired at the same place as him. she just now left. this time she has to do well and not get fired so you watch over her. scary people follow her around and bother her. Kang Woo: what kind of people. kid says you will know later when you see them. you are brave right hyung? don’t run away and protect Gong Sil noona well – you said you liked noona. Kang Woo says I like her but timing isn’t good so you kids keep helping me. he pats them on their heads and leaves. kid says since hyung is brave – if he doesn’t run away – we can keep drinking milk.

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Kang Woo catches up to Gong Sil who is yelling at the coffee ghost – go away don’t follow me. let me live properly – don’t bother me. Kang Woo couldn’t see who she is talking to so he runs over and asks what is it – who is it – did he go that way? he runs after the direction of the ghost. the coffee ghost is still there so she offers to buy him coffee later. come back later. she calls out to Kang Woo. He cant find anyone so he says I must have lost him. what was it? were you attacked or mugged. she says it’s nothing and don’t bother about it. he says I heard from the kid that someone scary is chasing after you. Gong Sil: there is something like that.  Kang Woo: during all that time I did think something was strange. You were always skittish and nervous. even going home you went in a roundabout way on purpose didn’t you?  she cant answer so he asks if she is running away from debt collectors. are they the ones chasing after you and bothering you? Gong Sil: no. Kang Woo: then what is it?

She admits what is chasing her is a ghost and there is one next to you now. he looks over and faints. she imagined that

주군의 태양.E05.130821.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-41-29] 주군의 태양.E05.130821.HDTV.Film.x264.720p-LTE[02-41-51]

Kang Woo asks what is bothering you. she says a stalker who is chasing me around like a ghost. Kang Woo: a stalker? she admits how he chases her around and bothers her. Kang Woo: did you report it?  should I go with you now to the police?  but she says no I don’t want to go to the police. I found a solution to handle it so you don’t have to bother. Kang Woo: then should I help? I’ve been a personal security so I know what to do with stalkers. she asks if he is offering to be her bodyguard right now. I am grateful but you cant. he says I am really famous – I wont be paid for the security fee. Gong Sil: then should I ask you to do that. they smile at each other

As they walk, Kim and Joong Won are in the car watching them.  Joong Won sees how protective Kang Woo is with her. Kim says that’s Tae yang over there and next to her is Kang team leader from security. Starting from her first day of work, Tae Yang (the sun) is really bright/radiant. Joong Won: cuz Tae Yang (the sun) is radiant it’s annoying and making me heat up. He dons some sunglasses