[Live Recap] “Master’s Sun” Episode 6

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I’m a big fan of being your own hero. That doesn’t mean you have to rely solely on yourself every step of the way. It’s about the balance between knowing when to take the hand extended to you and holding out your hand when others need your help. Ever since Gong Sil and Joong Won met, they had a hard time finding that balance. She never wanted to let go and he was unwilling to help her out. Somewhere between all the bickering and misunderstanding, the tide has turned. Lately I’ve noticed that Joong Won holds out his hand to help her before she even thinks to ask. Even just a few episodes ago, that would have been her dream come true, but tonight Gong Sil realized something about herself. Just knowing he is there to offer her his hand was enough for her to be brave and do the right thing. She made a choice that went against what she had told him. Ignoring these ghosts and pretending she can’t see them only works when she doesn’t feel any pity for their plight. Once she gets involved, she sees things through to the end. That’s what makes her small sacrifice to honor each ghost’s needs all that more courageous.  Despite having to fend for herself all those years after her accident and constantly living in fear, I admire Gong Sil for not turning her back to those in need. No matter how much she complains about how scary those ghosts are and how miserable they made her life, when push comes to shove, she sides with them. We all know that she got this ghost seeing ability by stepping one foot too close to death, but who knew it would end up saving her soul for all eternity by every gesture of kindness she shows each passing spirit. That is the connection I saw between Gong Sil and Joong Won tonight. He almost died in that kidnapping incident all those years ago so that makes both of them touched by near death. These two went through a lot to stay alive and endure after their ordeals. That is why every time they reach for each other, I get the sense that they are actually touching life.

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Written before it aired:

The look on Gong Sil’s face was the epitome of true vulnerability as she allowed herself to open up and indulge in the chance of letting romance enter her life. For the last few years, she hasn’t lived life the way most people her age would have been so it’s time for her to finally shine again.  More than anyone, she knows that by accepting the happiness now, you are willing to pay the price of possible heartache later on. So you don’t venture recklessly and tread lightly. That way at some given point, when you decide to back away you aren’t left with nothing. You always reserve a little of that strength to help you move on if it doesn’t work out. That’s how you protect yourself.  So far that is what Kang Woo and Gong Sil are doing, but Joong Won doesn’t seem to know what moderation means. His thoughts, reactions, and lingering moments where he relives each of her touch is making him lose all sense of limits. The instant he realized what he just witnessed, he made a beeline for her to ask that question if she is going to go. I bet he wished he had prepared himself for her answer. I honestly don’t think he saw it coming. No matter how you view that scene, you just know a part of him just died hearing her affirmative answer. Whether the part that felt kicked was his ego or his feelings we have to see, but some of it had to be a small hope that she wouldn’t have accepted anyone else but him.

Main Cast:

joo-joong-won tae-gong-shil kang-woo tae-yi-ryung
Joo Joong Won (JW)  Tae Gong Shil (GS) Kang Woo (KW)  Tae Yi Ryeong (YR)
gwi-do sung-ran seok-chan  
Kim Gwi Do (Secretary Kim)  Joo Sung Ran (SR) Do Seuk Chul (SC)

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Episode 6 

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Starts from Gong Sil running in slow dream sequence and Kang Woo’s voice saying I will have courage and you be strong. she calls out to him and says I got strong and came to tell you my secret. Kang Woo: say it -I will be brave and listen. she says I see ghosts – here and there. ghosts pop out everywhere. so I ran away from them like a crazy woman. even though I am like this -is it ok? he shakes his head and says even if you said were kidnapped by aliens and came back, it wouldn’t matter. he embraces her. ghosts surround them and clap.

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Gong Sil says this dream like feeling could come true. she is holding his candy as Joong Won silently snickers behind her. He says since it’s a dream- chance of success is low. she says it’s not totally impossible isn’t it? in the past, I saw a crazy guy at the hospital who had been dragged off (to the insane asylum) for saying he had been kidnapped by aliens. someone like that met a wife who understood all that and lived in a mountain home together. Joong won looks right at her and says you are in a situation where you see ghosts but you are looking down on a guy who saw aliens and calling him insane? Gong Sil: he told me I was crazy first. at the start when he told me about the aliens I listened to it all. he said he was going to take pics of UFO’s so I was going to go there with him. when I said I see ghosts he said I was crazy. Joong Won: ok you must have felt indignant. it’s too bad for me. if you followed that guy and got caught by aliens back then you wouldn’t be in front of me.  Gong Sil: since there are ghosts there could be aliens. but it must have been so dangerous. Joong won has this look on his face like he wishes for the floor to swallow him up so he doesn’t have to continue this inane conversation. He shakes his head and says this isn’t it. for certain we were talking in jest and now it became serious so I feel like I became the fool. why do I have to listen to talk like this. Gong Sil: I wonder if that person will listen too (Kang woo) like you -would he listen. I dont want to lose the chance that was so hard to get.  I thought something this sweet wouldn’t happen to me. but it happened so it’s so nice. Joong won: instead of saying you see them – ask if he believes first. don’t talk about ghosts suddenly and give him fear. ask if he believes in them and test the waters first. then the chance of your dream coming true will go up a little. she says she will do that and thanks him. he says from here on talk about people who’ve gone crazy, Kang team leader, and ghosts over there. go and do well with sweet Kang candy. get lost. she walks out and he mutters she is having a great time. cuz I have to say get lost 3 times for Tae Yang to get away from me and she got lost with just one. she turns and calls out so he says why – I said to go so you should go so why? Gong Sil: thank you for not saying wake up from your dream and for listening so well. Joong Won: I didn’t listen cuz I was trying – my ears are open so I heard. Gong Sil: if you  have something you cant tell others, tell me – I will open them (her ears) wide and listen.  Joong Won: I have nothing to say to you. I am going to work. get lost. he puts on his earphones but she calls out again. Joong Won loses it and gets angry – why? why? why?! she asks are you listening to music as you work. Joong Won: no. Gong Sil: then why? Joong Won: I said I have nothing to say – please get lost. she says ok and leaves for real. he mutters she always makes me say get lost 3 times. if she sticks with that sticky Kang candy then she wont bother me.

Gong Sil is walking home and wonders how to bring up the subject of ghosts to Kang Woo. spirits? what will be better? suddenly Han jumps out to surprise her and she hits him and runs off. Jin Joo, Gong Ri, and Kang Woo go over to him. Han says I was just joking around. Jin Joo asks are you ok? Gong Ri says I told you not to surprise Gong Sil

They are having a barbecue outside. Gong Ri says how Han shouldn’t have startled Gong Sil. Han says I was startled too. Gong Sil says I am sorry. you popped out so suddenly I thought you weren’t human. Han: If I’m not human then am I a ghost? Kang Woo: that’s not it, there are people who chase after her so she is severely skittish. Han: so that is why you were so startled like you saw a ghost. Gong Ri: what do you mean ghosts. where is there a person who saw something like that. Han: why? I’ve seen one. since the weather is hot should I tell you about the ghost I saw? Kang Woo: don’t do it. why are you like that to someone who has fear? Gong Sil: no it’s ok you can tell us. what kind of ghost did you see? Han: which ghost should I tell you about? the elevator ghost? bathroom ghost? the ghost I saw in the army – there is a variety. Gong Sil notices that Kang Woo hates this talk.

Jin  Joo reports to Seuk Chul that just like Han said, Kang Woo does live at the same place as Gong Sil.and this place is really crappy.  Seuk Chul tells her to keep watching and hangs up. Seuk chul says to himself if stingy president Joo said he opened his body (to her). (since he is letting her live in a rundown place) does that mean he didn’t open his wallet yet cuz if he didn’t open his wallet, it means he didn’t open his heart. He wont be opening it to Tae Yi Ryeong right?

Yi Ryeong is having dinner with Sung Ran and Joong Won. Yi Ryeong is busy bragging about the real estate property her grandfather owns. basically to say since he didn’t have children it means that building will belong to Yi Ryeong soon. Joong Won likes what he is hearing cuz he was going to order something simple but he wants to order a course meal so they can have a long meal.