Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany Hides from Cameras as She Returns From Photo Shoot

2013-08-23 18:06:25 2014-05-09 04:18:49

On August 23, Girls’ Generation member Tiffany was photographed at Incheon International Airport outside of Seoul, South Korea.  Tiffany had just arrived and looked ready to head home to rest.  The skinny idol had just returned from a work trip in Bali, Indonesia where she posed for a photo shoot but the magazine that it is for has not been revealed.  

The Girls’ Generation member was dressed in a long pink hoody, pink bag, and pink-bottomed sneakers; even her cell phone matched her look.  Though Tiffany looked cute in pink, the tired-looking star used her hoody and sun-glasses to hide from the waiting photographers as she maneuvered through the arrivals section of the airport. 

What magazine do you think Tiffany posed for?